PM Modi Launches100 Drones Virtually, Opens World Of Opportunities For Farmers And Youth

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PM Modi Launches100 Drones Virtually, Opens 'World Of Opportunities' For Farmers And Youth

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday virtually launched 100 Made in India agricultural drones across India, which is said to be the largest agricultural drone exercise in the country.

In a bid to uplift agriculture, PM Modi virtually launched the country's largest-ever drone exercise, which carried out farm operations using unique 'simultaneous' flights. Prime Minister Modi said that the country had achieved a 'milestone' for Indian Agriculture. Moreover, the PM also said that the initiative would open a world of opportunities for the farmers and the youth.

Agriculture Contributes 21% To GDP

Several recent policy relaxations and incentives, including the proposals of the Union Budget 2022-23, have opened up India's vast agriculture for the commercial use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles, reported Hindustan Times. The government led by the Prime Minister has continuously focussed on more significant private investments in the agricultural field, which contributes to almost 21 per cent of the country's GDP. However, many states are protesting and demanding a minimum support price for their farmers' produce from the government.

High Cost Involved In Operations

Even though nearly half of the population is dependent on farm-based income, a majority of the agriculturalists are small cultivators with low yields. After a year of protests, the government also scrapped a set of laws to lift curbs on the food trade, which ended in December 2021. Experts believe that drones could prove transformative and make farming more efficient, even though the costs involved are high. An agricultural drone that operates on internet-based technologies can undertake precise farm operations. A government's latest incentive provides grants that make ownership of farm drones virtually cost-free for state-run institutions.

In the finance minister's latest Union Budget, she announced a particular push for farmer drones. The budget also aimed to create public-private partnerships for providing high-tech farm services to the people.

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