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MP: After Hospital Denies Ambulance, 8-Yr-Old Boy Sits With Toddler Brother's Dead Body In Lap; Chilling Visuals Viral

With insufficient money, Poojaram requested the staff at the Morena District Hospital to arrange a vehicle to take home his son’s body, but they denied him, saying no such vehicle was available.

A video of an eight-year-old boy sitting with the dead body of his toddler brother on the streets of Madhya Pradesh has gone viral on social media. The incident occurred in the state's Morena district when Poojaram Jatav, the father of the children, was desperately looking for an ambulance to take his son's body home.

After being denied a vehicle by the hospital, the visuals show the minor resting the body of his two-year-old brother on his lap near a park. After a while, a huge crowd gathered on the roadside and alerted the authorities.

A resident of Badfara village in the Ambah area, Jatav, along with his son Gulshan rushed severely ill youngest child Raja to the Ambah government hospital on July 9.

Toddler Suffered From Anaemia Complications

According to the hospital management, he suffered from anaemia complications and abdominal swelling caused by fluid accumulation in the stomach. With Raja's critical condition, the Ambah government hospital staff referred the toddler to Morena District Hospital.

But despite efforts by doctors, he couldn't be saved, The New Indian Express reported.

Hospital Denied Ambulance

With insufficient money, Poojaram requested the staff at the Morena District Hospital to arrange a vehicle to take home his son's body, but the on-duty hospital staff denied him any assistance, saying no such vehicle was available and he should instead hire it from outside.

Subsequently, Poojaram requested the operator of an ambulance parked on the hospital premises to help him return with his son's body, but he sought Rs 1,500 for it, which was far beyond the poor father's reach. Unable to get affordable means of transport, Poojaram left Gulshan outside the hospital, promising to return with a vehicle soon.

Meanwhile, the inspector in charge of Morena Kotwali police station, Yogendra Singh Jadaun, rushed to the spot, took toddler Raja's body in his lap and accompanied Gulshan and father Poojaram to the Morena District Hospital and subsequently arranged an ambulance to take the body to the family's village.

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