17 States In India Vaccinate 25% Of Population Against COVID-19

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17 States In India Vaccinate 25% Of Population Against COVID-19

States like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have inoculated only 10 per cent of their target population.

As many as 17 states and Union Territories in the country have administered a minimum of one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as India administered around 60 lakh of doses on Thursday, June 24, reported the Deccan Herald.

On June 21, over 8.7 million people were vaccinated. This marked the first day of implementing the revised vaccination policy and providing free vaccine jabs to all adults in the country. However, on Thursday, the inoculation drive in the country fell short by 30 per cent.

Due increase in inoculation drive in June, compared to May, as many as 17 states and union territories have been successful in giving jabs to at least 25 per cent of its population until now.

UP, Bihar Vaccinated 10% Population

The states that have fallen behind include smaller hilly states, northeastern states and the national capital.

As the national average of vaccination stands at 20 per cent, states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar vaccinated just 10 per cent of their population.

"It is important that the vaccination situation improves in every state so as to prevent the human toll from current and future waves of COVID-19 pandemic. Unequal geographic uptake of vaccines would also potentially create an unequal distribution of COVID-19 disease burden across states," said Rijo John, health economist, told Deccan Herald.

4% People Received Both Shots

With the total vaccination coverage standing at 31 crore, nearly 18 per cent of the target population of 95 crore have been inoculated with one dose of COVID vaccine and 4 per cent with two doses of the vaccine.

Nearly 1.9 crore unutilised doses were available as of Thursday. Furthermore, over 21 lakh doses of vaccine will be received by the states in the next three days, the Union health ministry said.

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