Twitter Rolls Out Super Follow Feature, Will Let Creators Earn Money From Tweeting

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Twitter Rolls Out 'Super Follow' Feature, Will Let Creators Earn Money From Tweeting

Only users with at least 10,000 followers will be eligible for the Super Follows feature. Users must also be 18, in the U.S. and have tweeted more than 25 times in the past 30 days.

Microblogging site Twitter on Wednesday, September 1, launched its much-awaited feature—"Super Follows" which allows content creators to sell subscriptions to users for access to exclusive content. The objective behind this move by Twitter is to be a favored platform for clickable stars apart from building their own revenue in ways that do not clutter the platform with an abundance of advertisements or promotions.

Influencers and online celebrities such as make-up artists or business experts will now be able to offer 'Behind the scenes' content, early access, as well as other perks to subscribers, reportedly ranging from $3-$10 per month.

Twitter product manager Esther Crawford said in a blog post that with this feature, people can create an exclusive level of dialogue on Twitter to interact organically with their most engaged users while earning money. She added that creating super follows is for anyone who brings to the table, a unique personality to drive public conversations.

Crawford further noted the list of these personalities ranged from activists, journalists, musicians, writers, gamers, astrology enthusiasts, beauty experts, and comedians apart from others.

This particular Super Follow Feature had been officially launched with a small group of creators in the U.S and Canada while the option to follow participating creators will be available globally to individuals using Twitter on Apple mobile devices in the following weeks. To become eligible for the Super Follows waitlist, a user needs to have at least 10,000 followers, be 18 years old and have tweeted 25 times in the last 30 days according to Variety.

''The feature will be eventually brought to smartphones powered by Google-backed Android software as well as to the website reached through browsers,'' according to Crawford.

No Ads, Only Interaction

Twitter shall take a nominal transaction fee of no more than 3 per cent of subscriptions until a creator brings in $50,000 to the platform. After this, Twitter's share increases to 20 per cent, according to a statement by Twitter.

Creators selling their subscriptions would have to pay for App store fees which could be as high as 30 per cent of transactions.

The San Francisco-based company is looking for innovative ways to build revenue without furthermore advertising.

The latest Super Follow feature comes less than a month after the Fleet feature which was like Snapchat posts that disappeared after 24 hours. Fleet feature was removed after low user adoption rates despite being launched in November 2020.

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