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National Deaf Chess Champion Malika Handa 'Hurt' After Being Denied Job, Cash Reward By Punjab Govt

The seven-time national deaf Chess Champion, Malika Handa, has publicly slammed the Punjab Government on social media for not keeping their promises.

India's specially-abled Chess master Malika Handa revealed on January 2 that Punjab Sports Minister Pargat Singh has informed her that the state government can not give her a job and cash reward as the state doesn't have any policy of such for deaf sports.

Handa has bagged one gold and two silver medals at the World Deaf Chess Championships met Pargat Singh on December 31. It was there she was informed by the sports minister that she s ineligible for a job and cash the award due to them not having a policy for deaf sports.

Allegations On Punjab Govt

"On December 31 I met the sports minister of Punjab Now He said Punjab Govt can not give jobs and also no cash award accept to (Deaf sports) due to them not having a policy for deaf sports. Ex sports minister have announced a cash award for me I also have a letter of invitation in which I was invited but was cancelled due to COVID. I am very feeling Hurt. This thing when I told to present sports minister Pargat Singh, he told clearly it was ex-minister he did not announce and govt can not do," Handa said in a tweet on Sunday.

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