Vadodara: Police Helps Uttar Pradesh Family With Money, Ration Amid Lockdown

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Vadodara: Police Helps Uttar Pradesh Family With Money, Ration Amid Lockdown

The Vadodara Police provided the family of four with ₹1,500 in cash, a month's ration, and a month's rent.

Ever since the nationwide lockdown due to the novel coronavirus was implemented, police across the country have been going beyond their means to help those in need. In a similar incident in Vadodara, Gujarat, the police stepped in to provide financial assistance to a family of four, including a 21-day-old baby and a four-year-old girl, who had begun their journey on foot to Uttar Pradesh, after they ran out of savings, reported The Indian Express.

After the nationwide lockdown was announced, left with no work or money, thousands of workers were forced to return to their hometowns hundreds of kilometres ways, often on foot.

Dharmendra Sahani, 30, had moved to the Vasna area of the city two years ago for better income. Ever since the lockdown came into effect, Sahani, who used to work as a plumber, has been out of work. After meeting the medical expenses of his wife's delivery, he exhausted his savings. With no money left to buy even train tickets and hearing that many people were walking back to their native places, the family of four decided to do the same.

"I ran out of all the money. We have two children and the newborn needs extra care. And I did not have any more money to sustain ourselves here. We did not even have the money to buy train tickets so we decided that we will start walking. We had heard that a lot of people were still going to UP by road and we thought we would ask for help and reach our village somehow," Sahani told the media.

"I do not know when I will be able to resume work even after the lockdown. We have a small farm back in the village in Ghazipur. I would have either worked there or as a farm labourer at someone else's farm. We needed money to feed our children and also get necessary medicines for the young one," he added.

A police patrol team stopped the family near Gotri area and brought them to the police station.

"We asked them if it was utmost necessary to head back home or would they prefer to stay back if we could arrange for ration and some financial assistance. Our main concern was the newborn baby and the mother. The family agreed to stay back and we provided them with all the help that we could," said Sandeep Chaudhary, DCP Zone 2.

The police provided them with ₹1,500 in cash, a month's ration, and a month's rent. They said that they will look after the family until the lockdown ends and will also help them in case of any medical emergency.

"Depending on the relaxations to be applied after May 17, we will also try to employ Dharmendra at some place so that he can work and earn for the family," the officer said.

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