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Indian-American Businessman Shelters Over 70 Protesters From Police In Washington, Showered With Praises

The protesters were out after Washington's 7 pm curfew and were about to be arrested by the police, when Rahul Dubey rushed them into his house.

Amid the ongoing protests in the United States, an Indian-origin resident of Washington has been hailed as a hero after he opened his home to over 70 protesters during curfew on Monday, June 1, to ensure they weren't arrested.

The people were protesting against the death of George Floyd, an unarmed African-American man, who became the victim of excessive police force on May 25.

Rahul Dubey, who has been living in Washington DC for the last 17 years, opened the door of his house when he heard a large number of protesters trying to escape pepper spray and tear gas attack by the police. The protesters were out after Washington's 7 pm curfew and were about to be arrested by the police when Dubey rushed them into his house.

The 44-year-old is a first-generation Indian immigrant who runs a healthcare service.

"They unleashed sheer hell on peaceful protesters right outside my stoop. I don't know, I just flung the door open. And I just kept yelling, 'Come in. Get in the house, get in the house," Dubey told NPR.

Dubey also gave them food, water, and helped them charge their phones. As some of the protesters were hit by pepper spray, he helped them with milk and eyes for relief for their eyes.

"They were all strangers to each other before this started and when we were in that first hour we were all taking care of each other," he told AP.

He added by early morning the group began "sharing stories of where they were on Sunday and what had happened and why Black Lives Matter and what they were feeling inside."

Dubey became an overnight sensation with netizens hailing him as a hero.

"This is Rahul. Rahul saved 62 DC protesters who were trapped for hours on his block by police. He allowed them to stay all night, fed them, gave them water, charged their phones, and most importantly kept them safe. This was no party, the police through pepper spray canisters," one user wrote on Twitter.

"They shot mace at peaceful protesters is a residential neighbourhood. The man who took us in is named Rahul Dubey. He gave us business cards in case they try to say we broke in," wrote one protester on Twitter.

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