Building Swachh Bharat Through Bio-Toilets, This Woman Entrepreneur Is Providing A Solution To Human Waste

Building Swachh Bharat Through Bio-Toilets, This Woman Entrepreneur Is Providing A Solution To Human Waste

NITI Aayog, through its initiative in collaboration with United Nations, has come forward with the fourth edition of #WTIAwards2019 to recognise the efforts of women entrepreneurs who are challenging conventions and playing a pivotal role in #TransformingIndia. If you are one of those women entrepreneurs disrupting the status quo, get yourself identified by NITI Aayog by clicking here. Last day to register the names for the #WTIAwards2019 is 17th November 2019.

A journey from Surat to Hyderabad brought Namita Banka face-to-face with one of the harshest realities of travelling in trains — unhygienic toilets. That day, Namita resolved to tackle this challenge head-on. In the quest for eco-friendly human waste management, her path was littered with several failed projects. Almost a decade ago, she started a company to recycle printer cartridges. That failed, but she learnt a lot about waste management. So, in 2009, when the Indian Railways started experimenting with bio-toilets, she took a dealership from companies providing these solutions. Soon after, Banka Bioloos was born, with the aim to provide sustainable sanitation solutions for everyone, everywhere. Banka joined hands with the Defence Research and Development Organisation. DRDO’s bio-digester tech did away with the need to clear and transport sewage. Instead, the bacteria in the bio-digester simply converts poop into biogas. Armed with a licence from DRDO, she began manufacturing bio-digester tanks for human waste, which could be installed in new toilets or retrofitted to old ones. Since it was established, Banka Bioloo has built nearly 8,000 bio-toilets across 19 states. Namita’s venture employs 700 rural youth and plans to employ another 300 next year. Banka’s client list is equally impressive and includes the Indian Railways, L&T, the Government of Andhra Pradesh, schools, construction sites, resorts, villages, and other places that lack sewerage lines or connection to sewerage systems.

To conclude, if you are one such woman entrepreneur or you know one of such women entrepreneurs playing a significant role in #TransformingIndia through their remarkable enterprises, don’t forget to get their names identified at NITI Aayog’s #WTIAwards2019. Click here!

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