Thought PM Modi Is Sending Money: Man Who Withdrew From Identical SBI Account In His Name
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'Thought PM Modi Is Sending Money': Man Who Withdrew From Identical SBI Account In His Name

State Bank Of India employees in Alampur, Madhya Pradesh, found themselves in a jiffy when two men with the same names, Hukum Singh, got identical bank account numbers. The banks mistake led to a situation where one kept saving the money, and the other kept withdrawing from the same account.

The issue came to light when the account holder depositing money saw mysterious transactions being made from his account.

Hukum Singh from Rurai and Hukum Singh from Rony Village had similar passbook details except for their photographs. Hukum Singh from Rurai, opened a bank account with SBI in 2016 and shifted to Haryana to find a job.

When he checked the bank account in October, to his surprise, withdrawals were made. The total sum should be coming up to ₹1,40,000, while his bank account had only ₹35,400 when he checked.

It was Hukum Singh from Rony Village who kept withdrawing the money for the past one year thinking that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was depositing the money. According to The Hindu, he said that “Money came and I thought Modiji was depositing money in my bank account, so I withdrew it. I didn’t have money, and it was a necessity.”

Hukum Singh from Rurai village filed a complaint with the bank immediately when he found out the goof up. The bank officials acknowledged the mistake and probed into the situation after the complaint was filed in the matter. The bank is yet to confirm as to how it will compensate Hukum Singh’s loss.

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