Think Mobility! Think gogoBus! Know About Indias Safest Premium Intercity Bus Service

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'Think Mobility! Think gogoBus!' Know About India's Safest Premium Intercity Bus Service

The platform is built on an innovative and intelligent route engine, which suggests the best route based on demographics, alternate connectivity options and frequency.

The intercity bus market in India is a whopping $15 billion in size and is growing faster than ever. With more than 200k buses managed by 27 state-run transport corporations (SRTCs) and more than 15,000 bus operators, this sector provides livelihood to about a million people. But this sector is highly fragmented due to a lack of access to technology. To tackle this issue, Gurugram-based full-stack tech-enabled inter-city bus platform 'gogoBus' comes to the rescue, focusing on democratising access to technology for fleet owners and customers in India.

The service was started in January 2020. Since then, the journey has been progressing, from moving a single passenger on its maiden journey from Kanpur to New Delhi to running buses at 100 per cent occupancy in less than three months.

The platform is built on an innovative and intelligent route engine, which suggests the best route based on demographics, alternate connectivity options and frequency.

"Connected mobility is the future, and we at gogoBus are extensively working towards bringing every aspect of bus mobility under one single platform. We are building a brand that you can trust," Amit Gupta, co-founder and CEO of gogoBus, told The Logical Indian.

Gupta says that the bus space is the most neglected part of the country's transport system. The way the bus ecosystem works is still very traditional, and the integration of technology is the only thing that can set intercity bus mobility in India apart. The chaos of this unorganised market can be dealt with the help of technology, he believes. "We have a conglomerate of apps designed to empower each leg of bus transportation. Once we are able to bring the traditional operators and agents on a tech platform, the face of bus service in India will change," Gupta said.

In-House Apps

Gogobus uses its in-house developed applications to serve its consumers. These include:

Swami App: An app dedicated to operators that helps them manage all its consumer booking and boarding and P&L on real-time basis.

Sarthi App: Drivers app for contactless boarding of passengers. It keeps in check any type of unauthorised boarding and is a great platform for live route tracking.

Sathi App: An exclusive agents app designed specifically for digitising offline bookings.

Mitr App: Helper/Attendants app to manage consumer grievances.

Sanchalak App: Admin app for top-level view of overall daily operations

Contactless And Paperless Boarding

To contribute towards a sustainable future, gogoBus is planning to introduce a fleet of electric Buses. Along with the future plan, the platform provides contactless and paperless boarding, ticketing and digital luggage tagging among other features.

"We plan to have 5000+ buses with 20 per cent electric buses fleet in next five years on our platform to build a sustainable mass transit platform," Gupta said.

Currently, with a team of 10 mobility enthusiasts, gogoBus is one of India's fastest-growing TAAS based bus platform.

Post-lock-down relaxation, the platform commenced its operations in eastern parts of the country. "We were growing at a healthy pace on a month-on-month basis, when the second wave caused a temporary halt of our services again," Gupta explained.

"Covid 19 hit us at the time when we were just starting out. It was bad and unexpected. To be honest, there was no strategy in our minds to deal with a situation like this. It took us a while to figure out our way forward, but it was during this phase, that we focused more towards our tech evolvement," he added.

Since the platform resumed its services in July 2021, it is observing the growth of 200 per cent on a month-on-month basis and targeting to reach more than 100 cities in the next 3-5 months.

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