This Bangalore-Based Brother-Sister Duo Is Bringing Age-Old Candies Back To Urban Homes

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This Bangalore-Based Brother-Sister Duo Is Bringing Age-Old Candies Back To Urban Homes

Vinay and Raksha Kothari's Company GO DESi is on a mission to make the familiar but not preferred unorganized traditional packaged food sector accessible to the urban millennial consumer.

In December 2017, Vinay was on a trekking trip across rural Karnataka when he came across a small tea shop selling jackfruit bars made by a local SHG. While he was munching on the delectable treat, an idea struck his mind – making forgotten regional foods accessible to urban consumers while creating a revenue channel for rural women. The next day, Vinay bought 30 kg of local and regional products to sell at a stall in a flea market at the Chitrakala Parishath in Bengaluru. It was just the beginning of GoDesi – a company that will become the top-selling candy brand on Amazon.

Women And Micro-Entrepreneurs From Rural/Semi-Urban Areas

The unique selling point of GO DESi lies in the quality of its products which are handmade in rural kitchens and do not contain added flavour, sugar, colourings or preservatives. The company collaborates with women and micro-entrepreneurs from rural/semi-urban areas to manufacture the edibles, empowering local communities by providing them access to a consistent source of income. The company is taking initiatives to change the perception of capitalism from a zero-sum game to a powerful tool for creating equal opportunities for communities, shareholders and the environment.

Envisions To Become India's Most Loved Food Brand

The brand has received total funding of ₹8.58 crores in two financing rounds. GO DESi envisions becoming India's most loved food brand and is looking at a yearly revenue generation of ₹100 crores by 2022. The Bangalore-based company has more than employees and works with more than 200 women entrepreneurs in rural Karnataka. GO DESi products are available across India through its company websites, online marketplaces, and 7000 physical retail stores in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with an online and offline presence.

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