Swiggys Recycle Mantra! Return Instamart Bags After Buying Groceries, Help Delivery Agents Earn More

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Swiggy's Recycle Mantra! Return Instamart Bags After Buying Groceries, Help Delivery Agents Earn More

The grocery selling platform introduced reusable cloth bags for their delivery purposes. Over time, customers took to Twitter, asking Swiggy to help recycle them by starting a returning policy.

Popular grocery selling platform Swiggy Instamart is winning hearts with its quick service. Recently, they have added a new feather to their cap by introducing 'returnable bags' for the customers. Starting in February 2022, over 3 lakh bags have been recycled, with a target of 20 lakh each month.

The process involves returning the cloth bag intact to the delivery executive. Once they get it to the Instamart store, it will undergo a 'SPA' treatment that comprises Sanitisation, Product Refurbishment and Active usage in the future. Currently, the initiative is live in 19 cities across India and is receiving lots of love.

Definite Step Towards Sustainability

The recycling idea came to Swiggy's mind after a few customers asked the aggregator platform about the bags. "We got a lot of customer love for the bags and Instamart. As the adoption grew, so did the number of bags. We knew that customers hoarded them and did not know what to do with them. Keeping this in mind, we introduced the system to return the extra bags lying idle at home," said the Swiggy blog.

Speaking to The Logical Indian, a Swiggy spokesperson further talked about its importance in today's world. "We (Swiggy) are always receptive to customer feedback, and their concerns only propelled us further to introduce the Instamart bag return initiative. We hope this will help customers to not only get rid of the excess bags but also push them to return, reuse and recycle packaging as it is a small but definitive step towards sustainability," the spokesperson explains.

Extra Earnings For Delivery Executives

Apart from promoting sustainability, Swiggy Instamart's recycling drive has a humanitarian angle. The spokesperson adds, "As an added benefit, it will also allow our delivery executives who bring the bags to contribute meaningfully and be rewarded with extra earnings." According to the blog, a delivery agent named Vikram holds the record for returning the maximum number of bags, which was 300.

In this way, Swiggy wants to take a sustainable approach in their thriving business and inspire customers around the country to take care of the environment by following such simple steps.

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