Purpose-Led Mission! This Organisation Is Developing Solutions To Solve Complex Governance Problems

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Purpose-Led Mission! This Organisation Is Developing Solutions To Solve Complex Governance Problems

Established in 2012, Samagra diagnoses the challenge and designs a transformation roadmap collaborating with the senior political and bureaucratic leadership of states to solve complex governance problems at a scale.

A country like India has a range of governance issues due to its democratic structure and government mechanism. The 'minimum government and maximum governance' formula to lead the nation is also used to signify the massive governance factor prevalent in the country. Ultimately, it's meant for the welfare of people by the maximum effort of civic agencies and lawmakers.

Samagra was established in 2012 by CEO and Founder Gaurav Goel, based in Delhi, to solve the challenge and design a transformation roadmap. It's a purpose-led mission-driven governance consulting firm driving change across the centre and state. A significant effort is to diagnose the challenge of complex governance by collaborating with senior political and bureaucratic leadership of states.

How Did It Start?

In 2012, the founder of Samagra, Gaurav, quit his high-paying role at McKinsey and started the governance consulting firm from his pocket to drive change at a grass root level by engaging with the governance process. According to the company, the thesis of change at Samagra is governance as a lever of change to create a large-scale impact in the country.

The firm believes working outside the system; one might be able to create islands of excellence, but to change the lives of millions for the better, it is necessary to engage with the governance process. To implement tech and data-backed solutions, the organisation combines management consulting with a comprehensive understanding of grassroots realities.

Samagra works with the bureaucratic leadership of states across domains to solve complex governance problems at scale. The mission-driven firm has worked with seven state governments and the Government of India on 15+ large-scale systemic transformation programs across numerous sectors, including education, employment, agriculture, health, public service delivery, and skilling.

The founder and CEO of Samagra, Gaurav Goel, while talking to The Logical Indian, said, "We strongly believe in and see the state as a unit for change. If India has to transform, it must happen state-by-state. We work with bureaucrats and the state's top leadership, including principal secretaries and other officials. We work on deep system reforms which build the state's capacity to deliver sustainable outcomes at scale."

Important Projects

Some of the projects that Samagra has implemented include SARAL, which had an impact on over 2.5 Cr citizens of Haryana. Through this project, the firm revamped and redesigned the public services delivery. Samagra implanted critical efficiency criteria for streamlining the process, transparency and tracking, online payments, grievances handling and feedback and active communication from the service provider.

It also worked on Saksham Haryana- Skills and Employment to make state government recruitment for Grade C and D jobs more transparent. Samagra designed and implemented a dual system of training (DST), which allows students at Industrial Training Institutes to get on-the-job training as part of their curriculum, making them more job-ready and employable.

The apprenticeship model of Haryana was also redesigned under this project. Since Saksham Haryana was launched in 2017, the state has had the highest number of apprentices appointed per lakh population. In 2017, the number of apprentices per lakh population was 87, and in 2018 it rose to 233, and at the beginning of 2020, this number had reached 420.

Samagra has developed a unique, indigenous consulting approach that combines top-down management consulting for problem structuring with a bottom-up understanding of how governance works on the ground for solution design. It leverages data and technology to enable the implementation of solutions.

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