COVID-19: Epigamias Step-Up Initiative Helps Migrant Workers, Rural Communities Get Food, Water

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COVID-19: Epigamia's Step-Up Initiative Helps Migrant Workers, Rural Communities Get Food, Water

Epigamia's Step-Up initiative has helped thousands of homeless children could get food during a pandemic.

To support communities that are adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, popular food brand Epigamia has launched the Step-Up initiative, through which it would provide food and water to them.

Epigamia has collaborated with Danone Manifesto Ventures for the second phase of the Step-Up Initiative that was launched in May 2020. They would be helping migrant rural communities in this phase.

In an official release, the company mentioned that it has launched the Step-Up Program with the purpose of improving food systems within the country. Previously, Epigamia has launched similar initiatives such as providing food to migrant workers, improving access to water in villages around the country, etc.

"Epigamia had generously donated for Annapurna Movement's on-ground food relief efforts since day 1. Through their Step-Up program, we could reach out to thousands of homeless children across Mumbai," said Shievani Upadhyay Co-founder, Annapurna Movement.

Rohan Mirchandani, Co-Founder, and CEO of Epigamia said, that the pandemic has adversely impacted migrant workers in the cities. Through the Step-Up program, they have donated and distributed over 7.5 lakh cups, bottles of yoghurts.

Mirchandani said partnering with Danone Manifesto Ventures helped them plan and execute the initiative. For the Step-Up initiative, there has been active participation from the employees and supply chain partners of Epigamia, he added.

Over 215 members from the company have donated a portion of their salary towards the distribution of cups, The Hindu Business Line reported. CEO of Danone Manifesto Ventures, Laurent Marcel said that last year, different parts of the world suffer irrecoverable losses to their lives and livelihoods. He pointed out that through a dedicated COVID-19 Relief Fund, they would come forward in providing relief to affected communities.

He also said that they are proud to assist Epigamia to fulfill their responsibility as a corporate citizen of the country in these challenging times. Previously, Danone Manifesto Ventures has also supported other projects led by Epigamia in the areas of people, health, and safety and food supply continuity.

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