Back To Basics: Free Rice For Jab Becomes A Hit In Arunachal Pradesh

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Back To Basics: Free Rice For Jab Becomes A Hit In Arunachal Pradesh

In Yazali, around 50 people turned up on the first day of the drive despite heavy rainfall.

It seems authorities all over the country are coming up with innovative ways to encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID. In Arunachal Pradesh, a government officer's offer of free 20 kgs of rice as an incentive for getting jabbed has managed to work wonders.

The man behind the idea is Yazali Circle Officer Tashi Wangchuk Thongdok. The drive was initiated on Monday, June 7, and was valid till Wednesday, June 9, reported The Times Of India.

Situated in the Lower Subansiri district, Yazali has a population of around 12,000 and nearly 1,400 of its residents are above 45 years of age. While 84% of these residents had received their due doses, the remaining 209 residents were unwilling despite the administration's attempts to vaccinate them at home.

Thongdok told that while some were reluctant to give up alcoholic drinks for a few days after vaccination, while others were hesitant after a fake WhatsApp video claiming that vaccination will lead to death in two years went viral. He got to work and carried out awareness drives to dispel myths and misunderstandings related to vaccines.

Surprisingly his efforts paid off as on the first day itself, around 50 people turned up, despite heavy rainfall.

"We are planning door-to-door visits on Friday and Saturday to administer vaccines to people above 45 years of age. Our offer will continue but the quantity of rice will be 10 kg instead of 20 kg," Thongdok said.

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