Police Arrest Duo Who Claimed In Viral Video To Have Attacked Umar Khalid

Published : 20 Aug 2018 10:02 AM GMT
Police Arrest Duo Who Claimed In Viral Video To Have Attacked Umar Khalid

The Delhi police have arrested Darvesh Sahpur and Naveen Dalal from Haryana, and are now questioning them. In the video, where they claimed responsibility for the attack, they also said that they would surrender on August 17 at the village of Sikh revolutionary Kartar Singh Sarabha. The Delhi police, however, could not find them when they reached there. The duo was arrested from Haryana.

“We are verifying their claims and their interrogations are on,” an unidentified senior officer of the Special Cell said.


A video that is widely being circulated on social media has two people claiming to be the ones who shot at Jawaharlal Nehru University student leader Umar Khalid.

Umar Khalid was attacked by an unidentified gunman outside Constitution Club of India, Rafi Marg, Delhi on August 13. He escaped the attack, unhurt. The shooter with his accomplices escaped from the crime scene.

There have been several claims by people terming the attack staged or false. Even though police confirmed that the attack was not staged, the narrative circulated on social media was otherwise. In this viral video, the two apparent shooters, tell people why they did, what they did.

“The JNU people are mad dogs”

The video starts with the two men chanting “Inquilab zindabad, Vande Mataram, Bharat Mata ki jai, jo yeh gaddar nahi bolte” (These traitor do not chant Inquilab zindabad, Vande Mataram, Bharat Mata ki jai). They then go on to elaborate that they respect the Constitution of India and the Supreme Court but they have been utterly disappointed that there are no provisions to punish the ‘mad dogs’.

Confession video of the attackers of Umar Khalid

Confession video of the attackers of Umar Khalid. 3 things are absolutely clear: 1. Media and BJP have successfully villainised JNU students. The videos were doctored, but news channels playing them continuously for 3 days has had an impact. 2. Crazy people shouting illogical pseudo nationalistic rhetoric on TV and getting famous, people like BJP spokesperson, Tajinder Pal Bagga bragging about slapping someone and getting a promotion, loud mouthed people who have no qualifications being invited for TV debates only because they'll cause a fight and turn news into 'Bigg Boss', Union Ministers like Jayant Sinha garlanding lynching accused and several such factors has convinced a lot of people that being crazy, loud and violent is the path to success in politics. This video wasn't released because they want to surrender, it was released because they didn't get the publicity they wanted from having attacked Umar Khalid. 3. This country has changed under Modi ji and Amit Shah. Vajpayee ji who is in a critical condition at AIIMS also headed a BJP government, but it never pushed such a poor standard of public discourse. History will not remember Modi+Shah for a slight increase in road construction speed or building toilets, it'll remember them for ruining the country's political discourse – bringing in fake news, polarization, jingoistic nationalism and all out lying, even from the Prime Minister's office.

Posted by Shivam Shankar Singh on Thursday, August 16, 2018

“We request the Indian government to come up with punishments for these ‘mad dogs’,” says one of the men and then goes on to clarify that he is referring to the ‘JNU gang’. “The number of these people are increasing day by day. Our elders in Haryana taught us that if people like them are on the loose then you would have to take matters in your own hand to solve the problem,” they say.

FB profile of one of the men who took responsibility for the attack | Source: Facebook

Then they reveal their names, Darvesh Sapur and Naveen Dalal Mandothi and take the responsibility for the attack against Umar Khalid on themselves.

“This attack is a gift from us to you on Independence Day. We urge the police to not bother our other brothers, we will surrender. On 17 August at 12 noon at patriot Kartar Singh Sarabha’s village, at his home, we will give ourselves up,” one of them says. Kartar Singh Sarabha was a Sikh revolutionary who died in 1915 and the village that is his birthplace has been named after him. Sarabha is 328 kms from Delhi.

They go on to say that they do not care if they lose their lives over this attack. They continue, “He (Umar Khalid) had said ‘Bharat tere tukde honge.’ We will not tolerate those who stay in India and try to break India into pieces, those who commemorate the death anniversary of a terrorist by chanting anti-national slogans like ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. We seek the help of all our fellow Indians in this fight that we have started. They should not support such anti-nationals,” reports The Quint.

Eyewitness claims faces match

Speaking to The Quint, Banojyotsna Lahiri, one of the eyewitnesses said, “On 13 August, I had described the physical features of the attacker to the police for a sketch. Some of the attacker’s facial features are definitely matching with one of the men in the video.” She further said if the police call for identifying the victim, she would do so.

MM Oberoi, Special CP of the Delhi Police’s Special Cell, which is handling the investigation, told The Quint, “Someone forwarded this video to us. Our team is looking into this matter. Our job is to probe every lead we get during the investigation. As of now, we haven’t reached any conclusion.”

The Logical Indian take

The attack on Umar Khalid has polarised a lot of people, and the media has played a big part in this.

People praising the attack on Khalid under the post by the “attackers”

While many are supporting the attempted assassination and several have praised the two attackers on social media, the underlying fact remains that propagandist media is capable of taking people to such a frenzied state that they commit and support criminal acts. Perhaps, what is most worrisome is that the attackers are taking pride in themselves and people seem to be comparing them to freedom fighters.

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