Karnataka Introduces Reservation For People From Transgender Community In Police Constable Recruitment

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Karnataka Introduces Reservation For People From Transgender Community In Police Constable Recruitment

A total of 79 posts would be reserved out of the 3,000-plus vacancies for police constables, in what is described as the "first" of many such inclusive policies.

Karnataka introduces reservation for the "third gender" in the recruitment of police constables. Out of the 3,484 posts for armed police constables, 79 among them would be reserved for the "male third gender", said the Home Minister.

It is a move that has been proposed to bring forth people from the transgender community to the mainstream professions, but it has been met with criticisms from several queer activists already.

The "First" To Many Such Inclusive Policies

Describing it as the "first" for the Karnataka Government, the police department issued a notification that would introduce reservations for people from the transgender community in police recruitment. There are currently 3,484 vacancies for armed police constables, and 79 among them would be reserved for them. Eleven out of these reserved posts would be filled in by candidates from Kalyana-Karnataka, while the remaining 68 would accommodate candidates from different parts of the state.

The department is all set to accept the applications for the reserved posts starting from September 19 till October 31. Candidates would have to go through a written test, after which the selected ones would be posted in the City/District Armed Reserve. Further details on the requisites and application are made available on the official website.

As per a report by the Deccan Herald, Home Minister Araga Jnanendra promised that the recruitment process would be held in the "most transparent manner". This promise has come forth after reported malpractices during the police recruitment process. Earlier this year, the government quashed the results of the written exam to recruit 545 police sub-inspectors after it was found that several candidates indulged in fraudulent means, such as bribery.

Welcoming The Move, But Not Without Skepticism

Earlier, while announcing the decision, the Home Minister said that the reservations had been made for "male transgenders". Several transgender activists who welcomed the move expressed their confusion about the specifications of reservations for "male transgenders".

Responding to this, the Home department officials clarified that there are no specifications such as "male or female transgender" and that the reservation quota is equally applicable to every person identifying as transgender. Adding to the same, they said that they have no clue as to why the Home Minister chose to specify "male transgenders".

Furthermore, activists conveyed their doubts as to how many people would benefit from the move as a good proportion of the community continues to be illiterate or school dropouts. As per the recruitment qualifications, candidates need to have minimum qualifications for passing the second Pre-University Course (PUC).

They also proposed that the government undertake measures to conduct a survey to understand the community better and set up a board to address their concerns appropriately.

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