J&K Government Appoints Acid Attack Survivor As Standing Counsel

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J&K Government Appoints Acid Attack Survivor As Standing Counsel

The state government appointed Sehar Nazir as the standing counsel in Srinagar's courts. She was attacked by acid on December 11, 2014, after which she lost one eye.

Recently, the Jammu and Kashmir government appointed a woman named Sehar Nazir as a standing counsel in Srinagar courts. As an acid-attack survivor, this decision garnered a lot of praise as it empowers many other victims of abuse and provides them equal opportunities to grow.

The Law Secretary confirmed the news to the state's Department of Law, named Anchal Sethi. Nazir will handle Jammu and Kashmir government cases in the state capital's courts with this appointment. Therefore, the order has been published by the Justice and Parliamentary Affairs that confirms her position in the same.

A Significant Move!

Sehar Nazir was attacked by acid on December 11, 2014, which left her scarred for life. As a result, she had to undergo 26 surgeries, but she lost sight in one eye. According to Bar and Bench, The perpetrators were convicted years after committing the crime and are currently behind bars.

Nazir's appointment is a beautiful example of fostering equality and inclusivity in the Indian judiciary. NDTV quotes the Law Department's order, "In a significant move towards ensuring empowerment of victims of crime against women and providing equal opportunities of growth, rehabilitation and development to an acid attack victim and carving out a respectable place in a society, the government has appointed Ms Sehar Nazir, advocate, an acid attack victim as Standing Counsel for defending government cases before subordinate courts at Srinagar."

Over the years, stringent legislation has been established to protect acid attack victims and give them justice. Several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other such establishments are uplifting their cause by giving them employment opportunities that provide them with a respectful livelihood. By bringing them into the limelight, their cause gets a voice amplified on several levels. Therefore, Sehar Nazir's appointment is a shining ray of hope for many others whose lives were scarred forever. For them, Nazir is a source of inspiration and symbolises that anything is possible.

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