Kerala To Incentivise Child Labour Information

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Kerala To Incentivise Child Labour Information

The state government has decided to reward Rs 2,500 for those reporting about child labour.

In a major decision to curb child labour in Kerala, the State Government has decided to reward 2,500 for those reporting information about child labour. Though child labour is low in Kerala, children continue to be brought to the State along with migrant workers and through middlemen for work. The incentive of the Government is expected to promote public participation in efforts to curb child labour.

Information about child labour should be provided in the districts to the District Child Protection Officer (DCPO). The amount will be transferred to the bank account of the informant, once the authorities verify the information. If more than one person provides the information, the person who provided the information first will be eligible for the incentive, reported The Hindu.

Identity Of Informant Will Not Be Divulged

The information furnished should have name of the establishment where a child works; name of the place, address, and photograph; name of the owner and any other details; photo of child or children if available; or any other details that will help in clear identification. The identity of the informant will be kept a secret.

As per the' Saranabalyam' project of the Government, about 56 children were rescued from child labour in 2018-2020 period. A majority of these children were from other states and had migrated to Kerala.

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