The Insurmountable Sacrifice Of Panna Dhai Who Let Her Son Die To Save Mewar
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The Insurmountable Sacrifice Of Panna Dhai Who Let Her Son Die To Save Mewar

Panna Dhai remains to be the epitome of courage and valour for sacrificing her son to safeguard the future of Mewar in Rajasthan, which celebrates its 72nd foundation day on March 30, 2022.

The history of Rajasthan proudly describes the bravery, courage of sacrifice of both its men and women who never flinched to die for the sake of their motherland. Amidst the heroic tales of Maharana Pratap and others, who upheld the honour of their country, there is the unforgotten and much-revered story of Panna Dai, who sacrificed her son named Chandan to save the life of Udai Singh II. Dai was the nursemaid to Udai Singh-II, the fourth son of Maharana Sangram Singh. Originally belonging to the Gujjar community, Dai was a maid to Rani Karnavati, who had entrusted her with her sons' upbringing, Vikramaditya and Udai Singh-II.

Udai Singh Announced As Throne Elect

The 16th century was a troubled time for Rajasthan and its Rajput rulers. Vikramaditya was 14 years old when he succeeded the throne from his brother Rana Ratan Singh-II and was known for being arrogant and insolent. Bahadur Shah attacked Chittor, thus forcing Rani Karnavati to ask the neighbouring kingdom for aid. Unfortunately, the Rajputs lost the battle and Chittor was sacked. When Vikramaditya returned from the fight to extend his reign, his temperament had not improved. Things got worse when he kicked a chieftain in the court, thus forcing nobles to put him under palace arrest.

The nobles appointed Bhanvir, a distant cousin, to act as the regent to the throne. However, Bhanvir thought that he was the legitimate heir to the throne, but the only two hurdles in his path were Vikramaditya and young Udai Singh. Therefore, he imprisoned and assassinated Vikramaditya and approached Udai Singh-II for the same. Panna was alerted of the situation, and she sent Udai out to a river while setting her son, Chandan, in his place. Banvir came soon after, asking for Udai. Panna pointed at the bed, now occupied by her son, and watched as he was murdered.

12th Rana Of Sisodia Dynasty

Then Banvir claimed that he was now the king of Mewar. On the other hand, Panna and Udai escaped to a chieftain's house, who agreed to provide refuge. In 1539, a chieftain from Mewar visited Kumbhalgarh, and Udai went to receive him. This led to rumours spreading that Udai may still have been alive. Banvir was defeated after he sent out his army to repel the attack. Udai Singh became the 12th Rana of the Sisodia Dynasty. His eldest son and most famous king of Mewar, Maharana Pratap, was born in the same year.

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