India Armed Forces Flag Day: Know More About Flag Day Fund That Is Used For Welfare Of Our Soldiers

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India Armed Forces Flag Day: Know More About Flag Day Fund That Is Used For Welfare Of Our Soldiers

Armed Forces Flag Day aims to honour and recognise the accomplishments made by India's armed forces personnel and to motivate the general people to provide both economic and moral support.

A tradition that began on December 7, 1949, to commemorate the martyrs, veterans, and active military members of the Indian armed forces, continues to be equally significant today. The day honours the heroic efforts of India's military personnel in the three departments - Army, Air Force, and Navy- and their commitment to protecting the nation's borders and safeguarding its citizens.

On this day, the Indian Military staff organises several festivals, traditional and cultural programmes, plays, and other entertainment events to show the nation's general public how safe they are.

This day also celebrates the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF), which was started to raise money from the public for the benefit of the Armed Forces Staff.

History & Significance

The participation of Indian troops in World War II and the subsequent altercations with Pakistan post-independence caused a lot of personnel loss - both physically and mentally. Thus, on August 28, 1949, the committee of the Defence Minister established the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund to honour the brave soldiers and martyrs, and collect funds for the well-being of the soldiers and their families, reports India Today.

Later in 1993, to create a unified Armed Forces Flag Day fund, the Indian Defense Ministry amalgamated all relevant welfare funds, including funds for war victims, the Kendriya Sainik Board Fund, the ex-welfare service members fund, and other units into one single fund - AFFDF.

The purpose of Armed Forces Flag Day, besides honouring and recognising the contributions made by members of India's armed forces, is to inspire the general public to support the armed forces monetarily and emotionally. This year, for example, the Governor and CM of Tamil Nadu urged the public to donate generously to the Armed Forces Fund as the country deals with external aggression and internal disturbances, reported The Hindu.

About Flag Day Fund

The funds for AFFDF are collected by selling flags and stickers. The regional offices of the Kendriya Sainik Board in India, a division of the Ministry of Defence, are responsible for managing the fund collection. The governing committee is in charge of it, and both official and unofficial volunteer organisations keep an eye on it.

Funds raised are not only used for the welfare of our soldiers, but also to provide good healthcare to war victims, and help them and their families with rehabilitative services. The aim is to also assist with the former service personnel and their family's welfare and resettlement.

Those who wish to donate to the AFFDF may do so either online through the Kendriya Sainik Board's official website link or by sending a payee check to the appropriate accounts at Punjab National Bank, State Bank of India, or ICICI Bank.

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