Tamil Nadu: CM MK Stalin Announces ₹25 Lakh Compensation For Kin Of Doctors Who Died Of COVID-19

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Tamil Nadu: CM MK Stalin Announces ₹25 Lakh Compensation For Kin Of Doctors Who Died Of COVID-19

Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin also announced incentives for doctors, nurses, trainee doctors, sanitary workers and others involved in treating COVID-19 patients.

Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin, on Wednesday, May 12, announced ₹25 lakh compensation for families of 43 doctors who had lost their lives while treating patients with COVID-19.

The chief minister also announced incentives for those individuals involved in COVID-19 duty. The scheme would provide ₹30,000 to doctors, ₹20,000 to nurses and trainee doctors, and ₹15,000 to sanitary workers, people working in the CT scan department, and ambulance workers for April, May and June amid the second wave of the pandemic, reported Times Now.

The CM also greeted the nurses in light of International Women's Day.

The MK Stalin government after coming to power has taken a series of the decision to tackle the rising cases. Immediately after taking oath as the state health minister, M Subramaniam ordered setting up 12,500 oxygen-supported beds, Remdesivir to be sold in five more districts and triaging patients in the hospitals to ensure the ones in immediate need of medical attention are prioritised. M Subramanian lost his son to COVID during the first wave and has now vowed to fight the pandemic as Tamil Nadu's Health Minister.

On Wednesday, May 12, Tamil Nadu reported 29,272 cases and is undergoing a complete lockdown to curb the spread of the virus until May 20.

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In a crisis such as this, various state governments have stepped up efforts to help people. Rajasthan government recently launched a health insurance scheme under which the poor can get the COVID treatment free of cost. Within hours of taking the oath, Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin announced that the state government would bear the cost of COVID-19 treatment for patients under the Chief Minister's Comprehensive Health insurance scheme admitted to private hospitals. Nearly 24 states are providing free vaccination to their people. The Logical Indian salutes Tamil Nadu Government's latest move and the measures taken by other states to ensure people's safety.

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