State governments should keep demand under control: Piyush Goyal on Oxygen supply shortage in the country

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"State governments should keep demand under control": Piyush Goyal on Oxygen supply shortage in the country

Record rise in COVID cases had resulted in shortage of oxygen supply. The severely affected states have been Maharashtra, Delhi & Uttar Pradesh.

India's Covid 19 cases have leapt significantly to a record 273,810 on Monday as the country battles with bed and oxygen supplies shortages. The daily positive rate has doubled from 8% to 16.7% in just 12 days. In response to the reports of oxygen supply shortages, Union Health Minister Piyush Goyal has advised the states to maintain the "demand under control" by restraining the speedy upsurge of the cases in the second wave. "State governments should keep demand (for medical oxygen) under control. The demand-side management is as important as supply-side management. Containing COVID-19 spread is the responsibility of state governments and, they should fulfil this responsibility," Mr. Goyal advised.

Maharashtra To Get The Lions Share

In an interview with ANI news agency, Piyush Goyal informed after a detailed meeting with the 12 states, the central government has planned and mapped the distribution of oxygen to states. Mr Goyal announced that 6,177 metric tonnes of oxygen will be distributed to the states. Maharashtra, the worst-hit state, would get the largest share (1500 metric tonnes), followed by Delhi (350 metric tonnes) and Uttar Pradesh (800 metric tonnes), Mr. Goyal explained. "Before COVID pandemic hit India, our daily medical oxygen consumption was around 1000-1200 metric tonnes. But on April 15, 4,795 metric tonnes of medical oxygen was used in the country. We've increased production capacity in last one year," the Union Minister said to ANI.

Efforts On To Save & Produce More Oxygen

Goyal instructed the state governments to wholly avoid oxygen wastage. Reducing and cutting off the oxygen supply to industrial purposes excluding nine notified industries is also a serious option that has been pursued in light of the shortages of essential public health commodities across several states due to the spike in Covid 19 cases.

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