A Milestone Ahead! Indias COVID-19 Vaccination All Set To Reach The 100-Crore Mark

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A Milestone Ahead! India's COVID-19 Vaccination All Set To Reach The 100-Crore Mark

The Central Government has stated that its priority remains vaccinating the entire country by the end of the year, then the focus will shift on the vaccine export to the countries in need.

India is all set to reach an important landmark when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccinations. The country is gearing up to reach the 100-crore milestone by next week, as claimed by health minister Mansukh Mandaviya. He also added that they are planning to ramp up the vaccine supplies by aiming to produce over 28 crore vaccines in this month alone, as well as spread awareness about the same to end vaccine hesitancy in several areas around the country.

96 Crore Doses Administered

Speaking to the media, Mandaviya stated that around 96 crore people have been given the all-important COVID-19 vaccine, out of which 73% of the eligible population has received just one dose, whereas 29% have gotten both. The government aims to increase the production this month with the target being 28 crore doses, where 22 crore will be Covishield and 6 crores will be Covaxin. This is a big jump from the 22 crore doses that were made in September.

A source from the Health Ministry was quoted saying by The Times of India, "No other country has matched the speed and scale with which India is carrying out the vaccination drive. Besides, the 100 crore vaccine doses feat will be celebrated across the country to inspire the remaining people to come forward for the vaccination. The central government seems to be satisfied overall by the vaccination drive". The source added that all the states have vaccinated over 60% of their population by now and hopes for an increase in the numbers soon.

No Booster Doses For Now

While some countries are considering to give booster doses to their citizens, India has no inclination towards the same at the moment. According to the source, they are waiting on an expert opinion on this matter after which they will decide whether it is advisable for a booster dose to prevent ourselves from the various COVID variants that exist at the moment. As of now, the central government is making no plans to resume its vaccine export to the countries in need. They will only do it once the domestic requirement is met as the export is not a priority at this very moment. The official source added that they will only do so, possibly in the fourth quarter, depending on the production and the local need.

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