This Husband-Wife Duo Aims To Make Ayurveda First Choice For Menstrual Healthcare

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This Husband-Wife Duo Aims To Make Ayurveda First Choice For Menstrual Healthcare

Incepted in March 2019, health tech startup Gynoveda has built the world’s first MenoBot. It is a gynaecology robot that identifies menstrual health problems and prescribes Ayurvedic medicine with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

On average, women experience 400 menstrual cycles and two pregnancies during their lifespan and are born to have healthy lifelong periods.

But they are often told that period abnormalities like pain, irregular cycles, and heavy flow are necessary evils in life. Universally, dominant advice is to grin and bear the pain.

More than 600 million women worldwide silently suffer from menstrual disorders like PCOS, PMS, irregular periods, painful periods, abnormal white discharge, yet they fear visiting a gynecologist.

With a vision to create a safe self-care solution that enables women to experience healthy periods, Ayurveda evangelists' husband-wife duo Rachana and Vishal Gupta launched Gynoveda with their dream to make Ayurveda the world's first choice for menstrual healthcare.

Rachana and Gupta quit their high-paying corporate jobs to pursue their passion.

An Excellent Remedy For Period Disorders

Gupta, founder, and CEO of Gynoveda suffered from lifestyle disorders for more than 10 years until Ayurveda offered a permanent cure. During his journey, he intensely studied Ayurveda and discovered excellent remedies for PCOS, period pain, irregular periods, abnormal discharge, and 20 such issues.

"Where modern science offers temporary relief, Ayurveda promises safe, long-lasting solutions that treat the root cause of period disorders to experience healthy periods lifelong," Gupta told The Logical Indian.

World's First Menobot

Incepted in March 2019, the health tech startup has also built the world's first MenoBot. It is a gynecology robot that identifies menstrual health problems and prescribes ayurvedic medicine with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

This MenoBot uses AI, identifies period abnormalities, and prescribes some ayurvedic supplements that target the root cause of the problem.

Gynoveda is a combination of two words, which means gyno, which stands for a woman, and veda, which is the knowledge of Ayurveda.

"A woman deals with a lot of problems, whether it is irregularity or delayed periods, or early periods or heavy bleeding, scanty flow, polycystic ovarian syndrome, also known as PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, vaginal discharge and so on," Gupta said.

He added, "So, for each of these problems, there is a solid formulation prescribed by Ayurveda, which is not only known to treat these problems, but also prevent these problems from recurrence. And what Ayurveda prescribes, is a combination of potent herbs, which when brought together, do the magic of treatment as well as prevention."

He clarified that women are told PCOS is a universal phenomenon in the modern age and one should learn to live with it. However, PCOS is not a disease but a lifestyle disorder. Ayurveda shows the way to treat it.

Contraceptives or hormone pills (OCP) provide only temporary relief. He believes that Ayurveda helps overcome the root cause provides lifelong freedom from PCOS and prevents future recurrence.

100% Ayurvedic Pills

More than 40 potent herbs in Gynoveda PCOS Ayurvedic Pills help induce natural periods on-time every month without harmful side-effects of OCP. These Ayurvedic herbs also help purify the blood, balance hormones and improve chances to conceive by supporting timely ovulation.

The company claims that its products are made of 100% ayurvedic herbs that are rigorously tested for their purity, safety, and potency. After rigorous due diligence, these are FDA approved and awarded its manufacturing unit GMP certification for following statutory quality standards.

"We have seen success in terms of many women impacted. Also, the number of women who are our returning customers, which is almost close to 50%, indicates that these medicines have been yielding results. We all know, Ayurveda does not provide overnight success, it has to be consumed for a minimum of six months because the medical system is very clearly focused on root cause solution," Gynoveda's co-founder Rachana Gupta said.

"Over 100 women have shared candid reviews with us about Gynoveda products and also if it really worked for them. These video reviews are publicly available online," she added.

Gynoveda is now India's most loved with over 1 lakh women who got freedom from their period disorders, especially PCOS. This has led to the startup winning the award at Times Brand Icon 2021 as India's Leading Ayurvedic Women Healthcare Brand.

It aims to reach as many women as possible and increase awareness about hormonal problems and their solutions, enabling them to experience healthy periods with lasting results.

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