Uttarakhand: Uniform Civil Code Panel Set Up By Govt Launches Portal To Seek Public Inputs

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Uttarakhand: Uniform Civil Code Panel Set Up By Govt Launches Portal To Seek Public Inputs

The committee on Uniform Civil Code set up by the Uttarakhand government has launched a web portal to invite suggestions and feedback from people. Nearly one crore message has been sent to people, encouraging them to participate.

In an effort to take suggestions and feedback from the people, the committee on Uniform Civil Code (UCC), set up by the government of Uttarakhand government has launched a web portal. The initiative has been taken to consider the suggestions of all the stakeholders before implementing the new law.

The government has sent messages for the same to as many as one crore people in the state, encouraging them to participate in the consultation process. After compiling and considering the feedback and suggestions from people, the panel will take a step ahead in finalising the draft of UCC.

The head of the committee, retired Supreme Court judge Ranjana Prakash Desai, said, "We want everyone's cooperation to draft the UCC. People of the state must log into our portal and share their suggestions, grievances, and complaints with us," The Print reported.

Desai added, "It is not easy to set a timeline for one or two months. Talking to all stakeholders and getting their views takes time. We intend to bring the draft code as early as possible."

Another member of the panel, former Uttarakhand chief secretary Shatrughan Singh mentioned that it's a mandatory process to study and analyse a law related to personal matters like divorce, marriage, succession, alimony, and adoption. The panel looks forward to the suggestions to understand whether uniformity can be brought about by amendment or by creating different laws.

He added that all the options are open at present, and it will be too early to claim what will be the final form of the UCC draft. According to officials, the law has nothing to do with religion, and the clause will be added per the people's recommendation, finalised by the panel.

What Is Uniform Civil Code?

UCC is a proposal floating in India to frame and implement personal laws of citizens which apply equally to all regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, background, and religion. Currently, the personal laws of different communities across India are regulated by their own religious scriptures.

The law proposal remains disputed regarding its implementation across India as it has been on the top of the Bharatiya Janata Party promises list. Many law experts suggest it's essential to implement as it caters directly to secularism in Indian territory.

However, article 25-28 of the constitution guarantees religious freedom to all citizens and allows communities to maintain their own affairs. But article 44 of the Indian constitution expects the state of Indian territory to implement common law and directive principles for all citizens while making national policies.

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