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Tamil Nadu Govt Launches New Scheme To Cover Medical Expenses For Accident Victims Within 48 Hours

The scheme that offers 81 recognized lifesaving procedures worth up to Rs 1 lakh per individual will cover victims of road accidents.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M. K. Stalin on Saturday launched 'Innuyir Kaapoom-Nammai Kaakkum 48' an emergency care scheme where the government will cover the expenses of the treatments for accident victims within the first 48 hours. He launched the scheme at Melmaruvathur, in Chengalpattu district, Tamil Nadu on Saturday. The scheme aims to reduce deaths by road accidents and fatalities, by the government taking care of the finances during the initial stages of treatment.

During the launch, he said that the government is paying extra attention to road safety and to reduce road accidents and fatalities. The scheme that offers 81 recognized lifesaving procedures worth up to Rs 1 lakh per individual will cover victims of road accidents. It is being implemented in 609 hospitals, 201 government hospitals, and 408 private hospitals respectively.

According to the scheme, all the road accidents occurred in Tamil Nadu, whether the victims are covered under Chief Minister's Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS) or not, or even if they are from outside the state or country, if the accident occurs within the borders of Tamil Nadu, the government will be covering the finances for the first 48 hours.

Treatment Of Patients

If the victim is unstable or needs continuous medical care post 48 hours, there are three guidelines that are drafted. If they are covered under the CMCHIS and if the treatment is covered under this scheme or not. If not, they would be stabilized and shifted to a government hospital. If the victim is not willing to get treated in a government hospital or prefers treatment under private insurance coverage or paying for treatment, the patient can be stabilized and treated at the same hospital or whichever hospital they preferred, said an official release as reported by The Hindu.

At the launch of the scheme, Stalin emphasized how time is a crucial element to treat accident victims, and that many lives could be saved if they were treated on time and thus the government through this scheme aims to reduce the accident deaths to its fullest ability. He also said how the finance puts the doctors at private hospitals in a pickle and this scheme will be covering the private institutes as well. The scheme also extends to cover the required surgeries and intensive care for the first 48 hours.

Speaking about road accidents, he said that overspeeding is one of the prime reasons for road accidents and he advised that all two-wheeler riders must wear helmets for their better safety. He also urged the car drivers to wear seat-belts and follow traffic rules diligently. He extended to address parents to be precarious while buying vehicles for their children for their own safety.

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