Now, Get Temple Darshan  Details At Your Fingertips

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Now, Get Temple Darshan Details At Your Fingertips

The mobile application by the Karnataka Endowments Department would provide the pilgrims with the history of the temple, rituals, pooja rates, routes to reach, among other things.

The Endowments Department of the Karnataka Government has developed an integrated temple management system (ITMS) that will allow pilgrims to check details related to the temple, like its history, pooja rituals and timings online. The state would become the third country after Tamil Nadu and Puducherry to launch such an app. The mobile application, which is expected to be launched in November, would also provide details regarding the properties owned by the temple.

207 Temples In Category A

According to Minister for Muzrai, Haj and Wakf Shashikala Jolle, "there are 34,559 temples under the department. Many temples have their history and other information available online. Hence, we decided to consolidate all the information and provide that on the ITMS mobile app", The Indian Express reported. She added that the app would soon be available in the first phase, and 207 temples would be added under Category A. The app also enables devotees to donate money through the app.

Revenue From Temples To Be Used For Salaries

In another development related to the priests and temples, the government has decided to pay the priests and other temple staff per the sixth pay commission. The Minister said that 34,563 temples in the state come under the department and are categorized in A, B and C categories, based on their revenue generation. Two hundred seven temples earn a revenue of ₹25 lakh annually fall under category TempleA. Under category B, 139 temples earn between ₹5 lakh to ₹ 25 lakh; under Category C, 34,217 temples earn less than ₹5 lakh revenue annually.

The government would utilize 35 per cent of the revenue from category A and B to pay the salaries of 1,034 priests, who are currently being paid under the fifth pay commission guidelines. Apart from the salaries, an insurance program is also brain-stormed for the priests and staff at Murzai temples.

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