Centre Launches Platform Of Platform Under e-NAM To Facilitate Farmers To Sell Produce In Other States

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Centre Launches 'Platform Of Platform' Under e-NAM To Facilitate Farmers To Sell Produce In Other States

With the introduction of e-NAM, PoP farmers can access multiple markets, buyers, and service providers and bring transparency to business transactions to improve price search mechanisms and quality control.

Union Minister for Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar, on Thursday, July 14, launched the Platform Of Platform (PoP) under the Electronic National Agriculture Market (eNAM) project at a State Agriculture and Horticulture Minister's Conference held in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The minister said that the Centre is working to improve the e-NAM, an online trading platform for agricultural commodities in India, to make the farm business even more transparent.

Tomar said the government aims to promote "digital" agriculture so that farmers do not have to go to the market and depend upon middlemen. According to The Print, around 1000 agricultural mandis have been directly linked to e-NAM to eliminate intermediaries, thereby generating farmer business.

He also stressed the need for technology to track agricultural produce in a field.

What Is Platform Of Platform?

A PoP under e-NAM will facilitate various value chain services like trading, quality checks, warehousing, fintech, market information, and transportation of farm produce. It would create a digital ecosystem, which would benefit from the expertise of various platforms in different segments of the agricultural value chain.

Under the scheme, up to Rs 18 lakh, financial aid per Farmer Produce Organisation (FPO) would be provided for three years. Further, a loan of Rs 2,000 for each farmer-member of the FPO within a limit of Rs 15 lakh per FPO would be available.

According to Economic Times, the statement also provides a project loan or equivalent grant from any eligible lending institution of up to Rs 2 crore per FPO.

The coffee table book released by the minister showcased the endeavour and the journey of e- NAM in bringing transparency and efficiency to agricultural products in the country through innovation and technology.

Services That Will Be Provided Under PoP

PoP also includes an array of services like composite service providers, logistics service providers, quality assurance and analysis like cleaning, grading, sorting, packaging, information dissemination, e-commerce, technology-enabled finance, and information dissemination portal, cumulatively will help in farmer's capacity building.

These services add value to the e-NAM platform, enabling farmer producer organisations FPO to access various goods and services across the agricultural value chain.

The PoP can be accessed through the e-NAM mobile application, which can be downloaded from the google play store.

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