Petrol And Diesel Prices Cheaper On Diwali As States Cut VAT On Fuel: Heres A Full List

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Petrol And Diesel Prices Cheaper On Diwali As States Cut VAT On Fuel: Here's A Full List

While Gujarat, Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Karnataka and Goa reduced the prices of both petrol and diesel by ₹7 per litre in addition to Centre's ₹5 and ₹10 relief, Uttarakhand reduced the Value Added Tax by ₹2.

After months of immense pressure and criticism over rising fuel prices in the country, the Centre announced the decision to cut excise duty on petrol and diesel on November 3 by record amounts of 5 and 10 per litre, respectively, to bring down their prices from the highest-ever levels.

While making the decision official, a government release stated that the Centre has also urged the State Governments to commensurately bring down the value-added tax (VAT) on diesel and petrol to give relief to consumers.

Meanwhile, numerous states heeded the Centre's suggestion to reduce petrol and diesel prices. Below is a complete list of states which have decided to reduce the prices of petrol and diesel in their respective territories by reducing the VAT attached to the fuel rates:

Uttar Pradesh

Acting on the Centre's plea to states to "commensurately reduce" VAT on both diesel and petrol, the Yogi Addityanath-led government on November 4 announced that the prices of petrol and diesel in the state will be reduced by 12 per litre each.


In Karnataka, the state has announced that it has taken the decision to bring down the VAT on both petrol and diesel prices by 7 per litre from November 4 onwards. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai himself also made the announcement on November 3, on his official social handles.


Chief Minister Pramod Sawant announced the move to reduce the VAT by 7 on both diesel and petrol in Goa. He also extended his gratitude towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi for giving relief to the common man and helping control inflation.


The Uttarakhand government has announced the decision to reduce the VAT on petrol by 2 per litre in the state. With this move, petrol prices in the state have gone down by 7 per litre.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, while thanking the Union government for its move to reduce the excise duty on fuel prices, said that his government has opted to give the extra relief of 2 per litre on petrol (in addition to the 5 per litre relief provided by the central government), thus making fuel cheaper in the state by 7 per litre.


Assam also announced its decision to reduce VAT on petrol and diesel by 7 per litre. In October, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had stated that his State Government was ready to cut its share of taxes on fuel if the high rates continue for an extensive period of time.


Following the Centre's decision to cut down fuel prices ahead of Diwali, Tripura has also announced that petrol and diesel will be cheaper by 12 and 17, respectively, per litre from November 4 onwards.


The Gujarat Government also announced the implementation of the Centre's decision and reduced prices of both diesel and petrol by 7 per litre in the state.


Sikkim's Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang officially announced that a reduction in taxes on fuel prices by 7 per litre, just movements after the Centre's decision to reduce excise duty on petrol and diesel. In the state, petrol would now be cheaper by 12 per litre and diesel by 17 per litre.


Joining other states in the move to bring down fuel prices, the Manipur Government announced that it woul reduce VAT on petrol and diesel by 7 each with immediate effect on November 3. The state's Chief Minister N Biren Singh while welcoming the Centre's move to reduce excise duty on diesel and petrol as well.

Taking to Twitter, Singh said: "Heartily welcome PM Narendra Modi Ji's decision to reduce excise duty on petrol and diesel as a gift to the people of this nation on this Diwali."

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