Parliament, State Houses To Go Paperless With e-Vidhan Project
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Parliament, State Houses To Go Paperless With 'e-Vidhan' Project

The 'e-Vidhan' project aims at making the functioning of the parliament and the state legislatures paperless. It will cover all the 39 legislative houses under a single application.

The Centre is working on its ambitious 'e-Vidhan' project which aims at making the functioning of the parliament and state legislatures paperless. The National 'e-Vidhan' application will be applicable to all the states and union territories of the country, on the line of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative assembly.

With the ambitious project, all the information will be available at the fingertips of the assembly members, who can also use their phone or laptop to see the list of business and other documents regarding the House's proceedings.

The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs has been given the responsibility for the implementation of the project, as one of the 44 Mission Mode Projects (MMP's), under the 'Digital India Programme' of the Central government.

"The e-Vidhan software of Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha was upgraded as NeVA, which is a single App to cover all the 39 Houses," said an official, as reported by The New Indian Express. Here, the 39 legislative houses consist of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, 31 assemblies, and six councils.

"The e-Vidhan will bring all the legislatures of the country together on one platform to create a massive data depository without having the complexity of multiple applications," said the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.

The ministry has also completed its task related to the new modules of 'Digital House' which will be applicable to all the legislatures and will also include bills, committee's module, and the reporter's module.

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