Mission Nari Shakti: Moradabad Girls Become Officials For A Day To Promote Women Empowerment

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Mission Nari Shakti: Moradabad Girls Become Officials For A Day To Promote Women Empowerment

On October 26, girls in Uttar Pradesh's Moradabad district were given the opportunity to hold significant district positions under the 'Mission Nari Shakti'

Under 'Mission Nari Shakti', girls in the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh (UP) were given a great chance to occupy district positions such as district magistrate (DM), senior superintendent of police (SSP), chief development officer (CDO) and deputy superintendent of police (DSP) on Tuesday, October

'Mission Nari Shakti' is a State Government initiative to empower women, implant confidence and a sense of security in women and ignite a desire to do something for society.

Initiative To Build Confidence In Women

" The State government is running this important initiative. Still, a lot is to be done for females, and with that thinking, the state government is carrying out various programmes. Under Mission Nari Shakti, talented girls have been given a chance to occupy major positions in the district for a day to make women self-reliant, secure, and financially empowered. This initiative will instil confidence in them, a desire to do something different for the society and help them link with the mainstream of society," NDTV quoted Shalendra Singh, the District Magistrate of Moradabad, as saying.

Girls who were given these important posts under this initiative were thrilled to occupy the offices for a few hours. They lauded the initiative and said that it would be highly beneficial for them in their careers.

Sandhya Bhati, a student from the Akansha Vidyapeeth, was made district magistrate for a day. " I was given a chance to become DM for two hours, listen to various kinds of problems of the people and find solutions for them. Mission Nari Shakti is being done to promote women empowerment, and I felt proud today. I am extremely thankful to the DM and Principal for this golden opportunity. I want to join the armed forces in future. Women get to learn a lot through these meaningful initiatives. Such programmes increase one's motivation and ignite a desire to do something," she said.

Similarly, Iqra, a Class 12 student studying in Moradabad Government College, was made Superintendent of Police. " I feel extremely proud. My seniors taught me how to listen to the problems of the people," added Khushi, another participant.

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