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Centre Takes Veterinary Services To Farmer's Doorstep With Mobile Units

The Union Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying inaugurated Mobile Veterinary Units in Karnataka to provide services at the farmer's doorstep based on the phone calls received at the Call Centre from the farmers.

The Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Parshottam Rupala, inaugurated the Mobile Veterinary Units (MVUs) in Karnataka to take veterinary services to farmers' doorsteps in the state. Chief Minister Basavraj Bommai and Prabhu B Chavan, Karnataka Minister for Animal Husbandry, attended the inaugural event.

With the 'Livestock Health and Disease Control Programme', the Centre aims to improve animal health by implementing preventative vaccination programmes against various diseases of livestock and poultry, capacity building, disease surveillance, and strengthening veterinary infrastructure.

Toll-Free Animal Helpline

The Union Minister announced that the Centre would provide funds to states or Union Territories for one MVU for one lakh livestock population. These MVUs will be customized fabricated vehicles for veterinary healthcare with equipment for diagnosis, treatment & minor surgery, audiovisual aids and other basic requirements for the treatment of animals, the official press release mentioned.

The Minister urged the farmer's community and dairy owners to utilize the 290 Mobile veterinary vehicles for all the veterinary services by calling Toll free Animal Helpline Number 1962.

Operational Cost To Be Shared In 60:40 Ratio

Karnataka has sanctioned 290 mobile veterinary vehicles against 289 lakh of animal population, which would operate throughout the State by Public-Private Partnership. The government has sanctioned ₹44 crores to procure 275 new veterinary services fabricated vehicles at the cost of ₹16 lakhs per vehicle.

The Centre and the state government would bear the annual operational cost of the veterinary units in a 60:40 ratio. Every Mobile Veterinary Unit would have a doctor, Livestock Inspector and Driver cum attendant and having the facility of medicines, audiovisual screen for extension activities, siren and many more as for the need.

The Central Government would release Rs 32.57 crore for operationalization cost for 290 vehicles, and the remaining Rs 28.15 crore has to be borne by State Government.

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