Maharashtras Golden Record Aims To Improve Welfare Of All Citizens

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Maharashtra's 'Golden Record' Aims To Improve Welfare Of All Citizens

The Maharashtra government is planning to prepare a Unified Citizen Data Hub (UCDH) that will contain a wide range of information about an individual in order to help streamline the transfer of welfare benefits and plan more schemes.

The Maharashtra government has come up with a plan to prepare a Unified Citizen Data Hub (UCDH), which would contain every individual's information and help the administration streamline welfare schemes and plan more initiatives. The 'golden record', a unique ID for citizens on the MH0UCDH portal, would enable the government to make data-driven decisions on targeting people while formulating new or monitoring the existing schemes. Uddhav Thackeray's government aims to reduce irregularities in social welfare schemes through the initiative.

Merging 56 Databases Across 377 Bodies

The new portal would be created after merging 56 databases through 377 agencies and bodies, which would include Zila Parishad, police, municipal corporations, collectorates, and the health, education and finance departments. The Indian Express reported an official aware of the welfare project saying that merging all databases would help them create a 360-degree view of all individuals. Currently, the state disburses welfare benefits for scholarships, loan waivers and agricultural support through the Maharashtra Direct Benefit Transfer (MahaDBT) Portal.

Challenges In The Existing System

However, there are several challenges with the existing system. For instance, multiple portals manage legacy systems; therefore, the data is scattered and unorganized. There is no single platform where information is readily available for scheme planning and beneficiary identification. For instance, the state government faced issues while distributing the COVID relief during the lockdown to taxi and auto drivers and construction workers because either they did not have the bank details or did not have the means to verify the beneficiary's identity.

Even though the Aadhar card has several such issues, many challenges remain in the government. The platform will have the details of citizens' demographic information and a master record of every citizen.

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