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Gujarat Launches Web Portal, App To Help Unorganised Sector Workers Avail Benefits From Welfare Schemes

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani launched the 'e-Nirman' portal and its mobile application to enable labourers to register themselves online and enrol in various government schemes

Workers in the unorganised sectors are at a disadvantage in the absence of credible data pertaining to their employment. It is also the reason that such workers, living a hand-to-mouth existence, do not get access to the welfare scheme carried out by the government.

With job losses and localised lockdowns, the pandemic has brought the economy to a standstill, and such workers have been struggling to earn their livelihood.

To ensure that the workforce in the unorganised sector is benefitted from the schemes especially amid the pandemic, the Gujarat government has launched a web portal and a mobile application.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Tuesday, June 8, launched the 'e-Nirman' portal and its mobile application that would enable such workers to register themselves online and enrol in various government schemes providing insurance, free hospitalisation, and affordable meals.

Economic Times reported that this portal has been created to collect data on the workers from the unorganised sectors in the state and hand out smart cards that can aid them in accessing the schemes.

Earlier, the workers had to visit designated offices to get themselves registered which would take a day or two to complete and the worker had to set aside time specifically for this purpose. However, now the workers can get themselves easily registered and avail the 'U-WIN' cards.

"Since workers have to forgo their day's work to get themselves registered after visiting the designated office, the state government decided to launch this online platform," CM Rupani said during the virtual launch event.

As many as 9.20 lakh workers from the unorganised sector have already registered themselves and have received the smart cards, according to the state government.

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