Goa Govt Launches Beach Vigil App To Enhance Tourist Experience, Safeguard Beaches

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Goa Govt Launches 'Beach Vigil App' To Enhance Tourist Experience, Safeguard Beaches

With the use of this application, one can instantaneously register a complaint to the tourism department and workers regarding any illegal activities, services, cleanliness, etc.

Chief Minister of Goa, Pramod Sawant, launched a 'Beach Vigil App' on June 4. The application aims to make the institutions of the tourism department which manage the beaches more effective and efficient. Using the application, a person can file a complaint if they see any violation or illegal activity. Goa IT and Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte stated that the application would facilitate the work of the police and other parties involved to safeguard tourists.

Boosting Tourism

In Just Dial's Consumer Insights report, an internet company, Indian travellers who have searched for hotels has increased by 83 per cent, and Goa is leading the tourism boom, as reported by the Mint.

According to the Public Health Foundation of India, India's tally of rape-related crimes rose by 70.7 per cent over the past decades, and Goa recorded the highest increase of 559.4 per cent and 5.6 times the national average. The national average in 2011 was 11.6 per 100,000 women, while it was 19.8 in 2018. The government needs to take cognisance of these figures and help curb them with the timely reporting on the 'Beach Vigil App', empowering women tourists and solo travellers.

Benefits Of The App

Goa IT and Tourism Minster Khaunte informed that the application would redress issues from illegal hawkers, encroachment, and massage services to cleanliness, as reported by DNA India.

CM Sawant said that "The development of tourism and safety is an all-around and collective effort during the event." He further claimed that the application would form the basis of transforming the tourism industry by integrating information technology, giving rise to various courses of action in the future. The heart of tourism in Goa is its beaches, so the application becomes essential in encouraging tourism post-Covid 19 and removing the hesitation among people. "The Beach Vigil App aims to do holistic management of beaches," he further added.

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