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Steps Towards Cleaner India! Asia's Largest Bio-CNG Plant Launched In Indore

The Gobardhan project, the largest bio-CNG plant that would run on the principle of waste to wealth, was virtually inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The biogas will help operate 400 city buses every day from May.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually recorded India's bio-CNG plant in Madhya Pradesh's Indore. While speaking on the virtual event launch, the PM said that the initiative was imperative as the waste released from houses, farms, and animals is, in a way, 'Gobar-Dhan', which is also the plant's name.

The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri attended the virtual inaugural event. PM Modi highlighted that the government was focussing its initiatives on the Swachh Bharat-2 campaign to remove piles of garbage from the large chunk of land in several cities in the country and turn them into green zones.

Inspiration For Other Cities

The Prime Minister appreciated the efforts of Madhya Pradesh CM and his team for setting up the bio-CNG plant in a short span at Devguradia; Modi said the project would serve as an inspiration for other cities. He said, "The project site was once a dumping ground with a mountain of garbage. The state governments are provided with all possible help to achieve the goal. In the coming years, the government is working towards setting up 75 such bio-CNG plants in big municipalities of the country", The Indian Express reported.

400 Buses Would Be Powered

Under the Centre's guidelines, the Indore Municipal Corporation (IPC) has set up the plant as per the public-private partnership (PPP) model, with an initial investment of Rs 550 crore. The plant is likely to create 19,000 kgs of compressed natural gas. The IMC would purchase the Bio-CNG at Rs 5 per kg, and nearly 400 buses would be fueled by the same. The Chief Minister said that cow-dung, which would be bought from the nearby villages, would provide the essential bacteria for the decomposition of the garbage.

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