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A Progressive Step! Jharkhand Village To Name Houses After Women To Promote Gender Equality

Residents in Bhartiya village of Garhwa block said that the move would help convey the right message and instill a sense of belonging and pride in women.

A village in Jharkhand has decided to name their houses after daughters and put an end to gender discrimination, which has been prevalent in most of the conservative societies in India.

Residents in Bhartiya village of Garhwa block will put nameplates of their daughters and women at the door of every house to show respect to the girl child.

According to the 2011 census, a total of 113 families reside in the village, which is mostly dominated by tribals, Gulf News reported.

Lauding the initiative, the villagers said that the move would help convey the right message and more people would step forward to give women the respect they deserve. "My daughters are my pride," a local villager said.

Local Administration Launches Campaign

The move is said to be a result of a campaign launched by the local administration to educate people about the role of womenfolk in society and work for their empowerment. District Education Officer Sanjay Kumar had visited the village after witnessing an alarming sex ratio in the area.

Later, he held a brainstorming meeting between the village head, Panchayat Samiti representatives, the village's elderly persons, women, and girls. The villagers happily accepted the proposal of setting girls' nameplates and hence the campaign was kicked off.

"It's important women get the kind of recognition they deserve. They tend to lose their identity after getting married. Seeing their names on these plates would give them confidence and pride," Kumar told Gulf News.

Low Sex Ratio In Village

Despite having a high literacy rate and being close to the city, the sex ratio in this village is 740 females per 1000 males, which is considerably less than the country's average sex ratio of 943 and Jharkhand state's average sex ratio of 948, reported Dainik Bhaskar. Moreover, the girl child sex ratio in this village is only 658 among 1000 children.

Local village council chief Bindu Devi said the names of all the girls and their mothers will be compiled to make the nameplates after conducting a survey, which will be completed within a day or two.

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