Stepping Up For Equality! Centre Opens Doors Of Military Schools For Girls

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Stepping Up For Equality! Centre Opens Doors Of Military Schools For Girls

The government said that approvals are required for authorising additional vacancies for admission of girls in military schools and college across the country.

The Ministry of Defence has submitted an affidavit to the Supreme Court mentioning that girls will now be allowed in military colleges and schools. According to the affidavit, the centre is making appropriate arrangements for the admission of girl students to Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) and the five military schools across the country.

A separate panel would be appointed for the smooth admission of girl students in military schools. However, the government said that the admission process could begin only next year. The Apex Court asked the Centre to begin with including girl students in Rashtriya Military College this year itself.

UPSC Tasked To Include Girls' Application For NDA By Oct 8

The Centre had previously given the nod for the inclusion of girls in the premier National Defence Academy. Moreover, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) was tasked to conclude the admission application by October 8, 2021. Until today, military colleges, military schools and defence training academies like the National Defence Academy (NDA) have been all-boys establishments traditionally.

Entrance Test For RIMC In June 2022

The admission process for the Military College would begin next year with an entrance examination. The Times of India quoted a statement from the Affidavit, "It is submitted that girls will be allowed to take the entrance test scheduled in June 2022 for entry into RIMC".

In the first phase, the number of vacancies would increase from 250 to 300, by including five girls bi-annually. In the second phase, the number of vacancies would again increase from 300 to 350, for the induction of 10 girls every six months. At the end of the expansion process, RIMC is expected to have 250 boys and 100 girls. The expansion process would reach its final stage by 2027, the Affidavit mentioned.

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