Fact Check: Photoshopped Image Goes Viral Claiming PM Modi Cycling With BJYM Leader Pamela Goswami
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Fact Check: Photoshopped Image Goes Viral Claiming PM Modi Cycling With BJYM Leader Pamela Goswami

Social media users are sharing a digitally morphed image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi cycling with BJYM leader Pamela Goswami, who was arrested for having cocaine.

Ahead of the West Bengal elections, to be held between 27 March 2021 to 29 April 2021 in 8 phases, netizens are sharing an image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi cycling in a rally with West Bengal's Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha leader Pamela Goswami who was arrested for possessing cocaine on February 19. Netizens are sharing the image with the caption, "फोटो जीवी कोकीन जीवी के साथ" (Which translates in English as, "Photogenic creature with Cocaine lover."). The remark is made to mock the recent statement of PM Modi when he called protesting farmers Andolanjeevi.

The post is viral on Facebook.

The image is also widely shared on Twitter.


PM Modi cycled along with Pamela Goswami.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian found that the viral image is digitally manipulated. The viral image is made by merging two different images.

Image 1: Prime Minister Modi on cycle.

On searching with the keyword, 'PM Modi on cycle', we came across an image published by the LiveMint. The image was published on June 28, 2017, in an article with the title, 'Narendra Modi gets a bicycle as a gift from Dutch PM Mark Rutte'.

On comparing the original picture of Prime Minister Modi with the viral image, we could see that PM Modi has worn the same colour suit and is riding the cycle of the same colour in both the images.

Image 2: Pamela Goswami riding the bicycle.

Pamela Goswami's image of riding a bicycle was shared on her Facebook page on December 1, 2020. We can see her cycling in a rally in the below image, but Prime Minister Modi is not there in the original image.

Posted by Pamela Goswami on Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Hence, the viral image is digitally photoshopped to show that PM Modi was riding a bicycle along with Pamela Goswami.

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