Old Video From Peru Shared As Muslims Adulterating Rice With Chemicals

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Old Video From Peru Shared As Muslims Adulterating Rice With Chemicals

A video of a group of men adulterating rice by pouring a liquid is shared on social media, claiming that these are Muslims, adding chemicals in rice to reduce the Hindu majority population.

A video of men adulterating rice by pouring a liquid is shared on social media, claiming that these are Muslims, adding chemicals to reduce the Hindu majority population. The video shows a food processing factory with piles of sacks and some workers adulterating rice by pouring a liquid and mixing it with their hands.

The video is shared with a long Hindi caption, "अब चावल जेहाद, 🐷🐷 हिन्दुओ कहा कहा से अपने परिवार और बच्चों को बचाओगे, मुसलमानों ने कमर कस ली है कि हिन्दुओ को यानी काफिरों को खत्म करना ही है,ऐसे चावल को मत खरीदो ऊपर दिये गये वीडियो से स्पष्ट है कि मुसलमान चावल में रसायन डालकर हिंदू आबादी में कमी लाने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं. न केवल चावल में वे इस खतरनाक रसायन को जोड़ रहे हैं ताकि हिन्दुओ को बीमार कर सकें।इसलिए मुस्लिम और मुस्लिम प्रतिष्ठानों से कोई भी वस्तु खरीदना नहीं है। महिलाओं ओर बच्चों में यह रसायन और जल्दी विकार उतपन करता है इससे कैंसर,हार्ट ट्रबल, स्कीन में खुजली, आंखों की रोशनी कम होना, ओर डायबिटीज हो जाता है।सावधान रहना, हिन्दू दुकानदार से ही खरीदारी करो".

[English translation: Now Rice Jihad, how long Hindus will save their family and children. Muslims have geared up to eliminate the Hindus, i.e., infidels. Do not buy such rice. It is clear from the above video that Muslims are trying to reduce the Hindu population by adding chemicals to the rice. Not only are they adding this dangerous chemical to rice to make Hindus sick. So don't buy anything from Muslim and Muslim establishments. In women and children, this chemical produces early disorders; it causes cancer, heart trouble, itching in the skin, reduced eyesight, and diabetes. Be careful. Shop only from Hindu shopkeepers.]

The video is widely shared over Facebook and Twitter.

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Muslims adulterated rice with chemicals to reduce the Hindu majority population.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian Fact Check team verified the claim and found it to be false. The shared video is old and does not belong to India. The video dates back to 2018 and is from Peru, South America.

We listened to the video carefully and noticed that the group was interacting in a foreign language not spoken in the Indian subcontinent. The language spoken in the video is Spanish.

The oldest trace of this video that we could find was of the year 2018. A Facebook page, Coincidencia o Realidad shared the video on 29 August 2018. It was captioned in Spanish, "Miren pues que inconsciencia!!!Revolviendo el arroz plástico con arroz verdadero y le añaden anilina colorante, para emparejar el color. Que miserable ahh!!!!"

[English translation- Look then what unconsciousness !!! Stirring the plastic rice with authentic rice and adding colouring aniline to match the colour. How miserable ahh !!!!]

We found the shared video on YouTube uploaded on 14 April 2018 by El Búho! The video was titled in Spanish, "No compres este tipo de arroz: es adulterado por inescrupulosos".

[English translation: Do not buy this type of rice: it is degraded by unscrupulous]

It reads in English, "According to comments from users on social networks, the dyeing of white rice would be in a market in the capital of Lima (Peru), in the Producers market and others in the same store of the brand "La Caserita".

We observed the video and noticed a few things. At 0:16 time stamp, a man enters the frame carrying a sack with brand "Casserita".

Comparison (Credit: Facebook)

We searched 'Casserita' on the internet and found that "Casserita-Para La Familia", is a Peru-based rice merchandise company. We came across a grocery website named Mundo Abarrotes based in Peru, selling different kinds of Casserita rice.

Image Credit: Casserita

So, we can conclude that the rice brand adulterated in the video is based in Peru, and the video has no link to India. However, we could not verify the identity of men and the liquid being poured.

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