Old Image Of Pragya Thakur In Hospital Goes Viral With Fake COVID Spin

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Old Image Of Pragya Thakur In Hospital Goes Viral With Fake COVID Spin

An old image of MP Pragya Thakur when she was admitted to hospital due to Cancer has gone viral with the claim that she is suffering from coronavirus.

An image of BJP MP Pragya Thakur being taken out of an ambulance on a stretcher is widely being shared online to claim that she is admitted to the hospital due to coronavirus.

The image is viral after she made a controversial remark that coronavirus can be prevented by drinking cow urine. MP Pragya while addressing party workers in Bhopal on May 16, 2021, said, "I consumed cow urine daily and it is a kind of acid which purifies my body. It also purifies the lungs and saves me from Covid-19 infection. I don't take any medicine against corona but I am safe."

Many people started sharing the image with caption which reads in English as, "Pragya Thakur who preaches about drinking cow urine to cure coronavirus has been admitted to AIIMS. She is having difficulty breathing. Keep in mind that after the campaigns of clapping, beating vessels, playing the shunkh, now the confidence has come from vaccine i.e; from medicines."

The post is widely shared on Facebook.

The post is also widely being shared on Twitter.


The viral image is of Pragya Thakur admitted to hospital due to coronavirus.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian did a Yandex reverse image search and found that the same image was published by Scoop Whoop on May 13, 2016, in an article that spoke about the controversial discharge of Sadhvi Pragya Thakur in the 2008 Malegaon Blast Case.

The Hindu published the image on January 10, 2013, in an article titled, "Malegaon blast accused Sadhvi Pragnya has cancer." The image is captioned, "In this January 9, 2013 photo, 2008 Malegaon blast accused Sadhvi Pragnya Singh Thakur is being taken to the Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital for medical examination, in Bhopal."

We also found no media reports of Sadhvi Pragya's illness or her being admitted to hospital.

Hence, an old image of 2013 has gone viral with a fake claim that Sadhvi Pragya is admitted to AIIMS hospital.

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