Indian Media And BJP Politicians Share Video Of Domestic Violence In Pakistan With Communal Spin

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Indian Media And BJP Politicians Share Video Of Domestic Violence In Pakistan With Communal Spin

A video of a woman being abducted by her husband was reported by Indian media as a case of atrocity on a Hindu woman. Both the accused and victim belong to the same Bheel community, and no communal angle is involved in it.

A video of a woman being dragged and then forcibly put into a car is going viral on social media. In the viral video, a group of men can be seen pulling a woman's hair and dragging her on the road. While sharing this video on social media, people claimed that this is how minorities are ill-treated in Pakistan.

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa tweeted this video and captioned it, "Stunned to silence! Look how a Hindu woman is abducted in daylight, outside session courts Umarkot, Sindh-Pakistan. She is screaming for help but they aren't afraid of any police or action and they dragged her from her hair & put her in car". It got more than 500 retweets and 700+ likes.

News channels like Republic, Times Now also aired this video claiming cases of atrocities on minorities are increasing in Pakistan. Republic channel claimed that a Hindu woman was abducted outside the court. The channel spoke to Manjinder Singh Sirsa on the phone, where he told how a 19-year-old married girl was kidnapped in broad daylight in Pakistan's Sindh and raped first and then forcefully married to another man named 'Bhai Khan'.

Based on Manjinder Singh Sirsa's tweeted video, Times Now also ran a bulletin on it. They tweeted this video and wrote a caption that reads, "Hindu women allegedly abducted by men in Umarkot, Sindh-Pakistan. Pradeep with more details."

While attacking left-leaning people in India, the news anchor can be heard saying, "After these attacks on minorities in Pakistan, those who advocate dialogue must answer."

Hindustan Times also reported this incident with a similar claim. ANI also reported the incident referring to the statement of Manjinder Singh Sirsa tweet.

It is being widely shared on Facebook and Twitter with a similar claim.

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A Hindu woman was abducted outside a court in Umerkot, Pakistan.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian Fact Check team verified the claim and found it to be misleading. Both the attacker and the woman belong to the Hindu community.

We extracted different keyframes from the viral video using the InVid tool and conducted a Google reverse image search. It led us to several Pakistani media reports in which still of the viral video can be seen. According to the report, a 40-year-old woman named Tejhan was attacked by her husband Harchand Bheel, a resident of Vehro Sharif, and others outside a civil court in Umarkot, Pakistan. Tejhan had a clash with her spouse and wanted a divorce from him. Therefore she had knocked on the door of civil court Umarkot to dissolve her marriage. The accused and the victim belongs to the Bheel community.

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We also find a report of Dawn on this incident dated 21 December 2021. According to the report, it was a case of domestic violence. While she was returning from the court after hearing of her case, eight people, including her spouse, dragged Tejhan on the road and tried to kidnap her. However, police reached on the spot and saved the woman. Police have arrested one of the attackers, identified as Hemo Bheel.

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On searching more, We also found a tweet by Lal Malhi, a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan, in which he rubbished the viral claim. He said that this video is from his hometown Umarkot and it was a matter of family dispute. He further said that the accused were not Muslims and her relatives belonged to the Bheel community.

Alt News, a fact check website, also spoke to A B Arisar, correspondent Daily Dawn Umerkot Sindh Pakistan, who confirmed that the woman and the accused hailed from the Bheel community. FIR has been lodged in Umerkot police station against eight persons identified as Hemo, Bhanji, Pehlaj, Somji, Ghaman, Togo, Jaipal Thakur and Herchand Bheel, her husband.

To sum up, an incident of domestic violence witnessed in Umarkot, Pakistan, was falsely linked to atrocities faced by Hindus in Pakistan by Indian media and several BJP leaders. Both the accused and victim belong to the same Bheel community, and no communal angle was involved in it. Hence, the viral claim is false.

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