Fact Check: Old Video Shared With False Claim Of It Showing Crowd At Borivali Station, Mumbai On February 1
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Fact Check: Old Video Shared With False Claim Of It Showing Crowd At Borivali Station, Mumbai On February 1

A video is being circulated on social media with the claim that it shows the rush at Borivali station in Mumbai on February 1, the day suburban trains resumed for the general public after a 10-month gap.

Local trains in suburban Mumbai have finally resumed after a 10-month gap. The general public was permitted to use local trains during the non-peak hours starting from February 1, 2020. The train operations were suspended on March 23, 2020, due to Covid lockdown, and then resumed on July 15, 2020, but only for certain groups including essential workers.

A video showing a massive crowd on a railway station started circulating on social media with a claim that this video clip shows the recent scene from Mumbai's Borivali station after train services commenced for the common public.

The video was shared on Facebook with a caption that read, "First day after covid Suburban train services open for all commuters....A scene from Borivali today...".

The post has been archived here. The same video was shared on Twitter as well.

The tweet has been archived here.


The video of the crowd is of February 1, 2020, the day when train services resumed for the general public in Mumbai.

Fact Check:

The claim with the video is false. The video is from 2016 and does not show the current scenario at Borivali railway station. This same video was uploaded on YouTube in 2016 and has around 2 million views.

The same video was also uploaded on YouTube December 2020 and January 2021. This confirms that the video was not taken on February 1.

The RPF Western Railway and Western Railway Mumbai Central Division debunked the tweets which made the false claim along with the video. A tweet from the official handle of Western Railway, Mumbai Central Division confirmed that the video is old and sufficient uniformed staffs are deployed at stations to regulate the crowd.

Following the reopening of local trains in Mumbai, the general public is not permitted to travel by local trains between peak hours which includes the time between 7 am and 12 noon, and between 4 pm and 9 pm.

We were not able to find when the video was taken but we can say that the video is old and is not of February 1.

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