Video Of Man Who Killed His Daughters Shared With False Communal Spin

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Video Of Man Who Killed His Daughters Shared With False Communal Spin

A video is going viral on social media in which a man is sitting on a cot with blood on his hands and face. It is being claimed that the accused man name is Ajmal Khan and he killed a Hindu girl and her entire family after the girl's father rejected his marriage proposal.

A video is going viral on social media in which there is chaos in a house. A man is sitting on a cot, and blood is visible on his hands and face. There is blood spread on the ground too. A child covered with a cloth is lying on the ground. As per the claim being made with the video, in Rajasthan, a man named Ajmal Khan fell in love with a Hindu girl. He went to her house to talk about marriage, but the girl's father refused. According to the claim, the next day, he brought a knife and killed the entire family.

Due to the graphic nature of the viral video, The Logical Indian is not sharing it.

The Facebook link to the video can be seen here. [Trigger Warning: Graphic Video]

Sharing this video, a Twitter user @ShubhamVats3 wrote in a caption in hindi, "राज्यस्थान मे एक मुस्लिम हुआ बेकाबू अजमल खान को एक हिन्दु परिवार की लड़की पसंद आ गई और वो शादी करने के लिए पहुचा उसके घर रिश्ता ले केफिर लड़की के बाप ने उसे धमका के भगा दिया उसके बाद अजमल ने परिवार के साथ क्या किया देखे आप सभी".

Its English translation reads, "Ajmal Khan, a Muslim become uncontrollable in Rajasthan. He fell in love with a girl from a Hindu family and reached her house to marry, and then the girl's father threatened and drove him away. After that, see what Ajmal did with the family."

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It is widely shared on Facebook.

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In Rajasthan, a Muslim named Ajmal Khan killed a girl and her entire family after the girl's father refused his marriage proposal.

Fact Check:

The viral claim is false.

This video is of 14 July 2021 and from Ajmer, Rajasthan. The person's name in the video is Ajit Cheeta, and his wife's name is Kavita.

We did a reverse image search using the keyframes of the video. According to local Hindi news reports, a man attacked his wife and daughters in Ajmer, Rajasthan. The accused was identified as Ajit. None of the media outlets cited any communal reason behind it.

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Incharge of Beawar Sadar Police Station, Surendra Singh Jodha told Jagran that Ajit attacked his wife Kavita and daughters Angel, 5 Anu, 7. He also tried killing himself. While both his daughters passed away, the couple has been admitted to the hospital.

The police further said that Ajit was unemployed. Kavita recently had a hysterectomy, due to which Ajit had to do all the household chores. He was having quarrels with his wife. Ajit was also very sad for the last few months, knowing that he could not have more children. He had two daughters and wanted a son.

Zee Rajasthan also tweeted about this incident.

According to Ajmer Police, Kavita is from a Hindu family, and Ajit belongs to the Cheetah Mehrat community of Rajasthan, which includes both Hindus and Muslims. Police said, "Ajit's family was Hindu, but he was identified as a Muslim. But the beatings and killings were not due to communal reasons."

Spread across several districts of Rajasthan, the Cheetah Mehrat community is quite distinct in the sense that the children of a Hindu father who is a part of this community can either practice Islam or a different religion. The lifestyle of every individual within the community is based on the religion followed by him.

According to a statement by the Ajmer Police, the incident took place on July 14. Kavita's family was informed about the attack, but they refused to come. Theirs was a love marriage, and Kavita's family is angry with her. Ajmer Police also tweeted about this incident.

Other media houses reported the incident as well. Few media reports claim he committed this crime due to unemployment and financial crisis. However, none of the media reports suggests any communal angle.

After the official statement of Ajmer Police, it is evident that the incident of killing his two daughters and injuring his wife was given a false communal colour on social media. The accused name is Ajit Cheeta, not Ajmal Khan. Hence, the viral claim is false.

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