Fact Check: Modi Government Has Not Filed Any Case Against Sonu Sood

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Fact Check: Modi Government Has Not Filed Any Case Against Sonu Sood

A post related to Sonu Sood is viral on social media in which social media users are claiming that the Modi government has filed a case against the actor. The Logical Indian Fact Check team verifies the claim.

A photo of actor Sonu Sood wearing a mask and standing beside a train is viral on social media claiming that the Modi government has filed a case against the actor. The viral posts claim that the Modi government has accused Sonu Sood of illegally collecting vaccines and questioned how he managed to get so many vaccines. The posts opine that now people doing good work have to pay the price in the country.

A Facebook page named 'आओ मिलकर देश बचाये''s post reads, "Modi government sued Sonu Sood saying from where did he get so many vaccines. Now those who do good work for the country have to pay the price."


Modi government has filed a case against actor Sonu Sood.

Fact Check:

We did a Google reverse image search of the photo used in the post. The same photo was used in the Indian Express on 2 June 2020 in an article. The photo was taken last year when the actor helped around 1000 migrant workers of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar reach their homes amid the nationwide lockdown.

We did keyword research for reports related to cases filed by the Modi government on actor Sonu Sood but couldn't find any. However, we found an article published by NDTV India on 17 June. According to the report, the Bombay High Court has urged the Government of Maharashtra to take serious note of the role of MLA Zeeshan Siddiqui and actor Sonu Sood in connection with the alleged illegal distribution of the crucial anti-viral drug Remdesivir through social media. The court had said that these people had shown themselves to be a kind of messiah and did not even investigate whether the medicines were not counterfeit and whether the supplies were legitimate or not. According to a report of 'The Times of India' published on 17 June 2021, the investigation of this matter is still going on.

Sonu Sood running Vaccine Awareness campaign 'Sanjeevani' A Shot of Life.'

On April 2021, Federal Bank, in partnership with Sonu Sood's organization 'Sonu Sood Foundation' and 'Network 18 Media Group', started a Covid vaccination awareness campaign named 'Sanjeevani' A Shot of Life'. According to the Federal Bank website, the campaign, which is being run in collaboration with various NGOs, government organizations and social media influencers, aims to dispel vaccine misconceptions and inspire the well-to-do to help vaccinate underprivileged people. Sonu Sood himself had got the vaccine administered at the launch event of the same campaign.

Sonu is also the brand ambassador of the Kovid vaccination campaign in Punjab. Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh announced this through a tweet on 11 April 2021.


We conclude that the claim made in the viral post is false. The BJP government has not filed any case against Sonu Sood. However, on the orders of the Mumbai High Court, an investigation is going on regarding the role of Sonu in a case related to the purchase and distribution of Remdesivir injection.

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