Did Rajnath Singh Criticise PM Modi Over Inflation? No, Viral Video Shared Is Misleading

The video was old, as we discovered. In 2013, Rajnath Singh criticised Manmohan Singh, the prime minister at the time, for the increase in prices.

On social media, an old clip of Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh criticising former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for price increases is making false claims that he also criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for inflation. The video, which was found to be dated 2013, when Rajnath Singh criticised then-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over inflation.

"Our Prime Minister regularly assures us... that brothers and sisters of this country you don't need to be worried; inflation will be under control within 100 days or six months," Rajnath Singh is heard saying in the 26-second video. "Nine years passed, what kind of wrong assurance is the PM giving the citizens. This is the reason of difference between the words and work of Indian political leaders…," he continued.


The 26-second long video has been edited to include a text in Hindi: "What are we hearing. Even you also listen. Better late than never; at least he is brave to speak about it."

Check out the video here.

Fact Check

We were able to determine that the video is old and not recent. A Facebook user claimed in a response that the video was dated 2013, which we saw.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) logo can be seen in the viral video's upper left corner. The logo is typically shown in videos published on YouTube by their official channel.

Using the search term "Rajnath Singh 2013," we discovered a 24-minute-long extended video on YouTube. A 26-minute video of it was posted on March 22, 2013, on BJP's official YouTube channel.

"Shri Rajnath Singh address in Jan Aakrosh Rally: 21.04.2013" is the title of the video. From 5.25 seconds on, Singh can be heard criticising Manmohan Singh for being powerless to stop the nation's growing prices. Rajnath Singh says, " Whenever the Congress has ruled independent India, the inflation has risen steeply...Why is the prime minister misleading people and giving false hopes? The citizens of India are losing trust from Indian politicians and Indian politics because of such false hopes."

Evidently, the video is shared with the misleading claim that Rajnath Singh criticised current Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the viral clip.

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