Video Of Protest In Columbia Falsely Shared As Taliban Suffocating Christians To Death

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Video Of Protest In Columbia Falsely Shared As Taliban Suffocating Christians To Death

A video of a protest in Colombia's Medellin city against the government's tax hike proposal is viral, claiming that the Taliban is suffocating Christians to death.

A video is viral on social media claiming to show the atrocities embarked on minorities in the Taliban occupied Afghanistan. The video shows some people wrapped in transparent bags and laid on the road. While sharing the video, netizens claim that these people are Christians who were left to die of suffocation by the Taliban because they refused to abandon their faith.

It is being widely shared on Facebook.

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In Afghanistan, Christians are wrapped in transparent bags to die of suffocation.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian Fact Check team verified the claim and found it to be false. The viral video does not belong to Afghanistan.

Using the video-verification tool InVID, we extracted different keyframes from the video and conducted a Google reverse image search which led to an extended version of the video on YouTube.

The YouTube video is titled in Spanish, "performance empaquetados en el poblado Medellín Colombia paro nacional 26 mayo 2021". [English translation: Performance 'Empaquetados' in the town of Medellín Colombia national strike 26 May 2021].

The protest entitled "Empaquetados" was conducted at Poblado Park of Colombia's Medellin city on 26 May 2021. The protest resulted from the government's proposal to tax hike and was in support of those who have allegedly been killed by the government.

Using a few keywords, we found media reports and social media posts from the protest.

'ADN Medellin' newspaper had covered Empaquetados protest in its 27 May edition.

Image Credit: ADN Medellin

BLU Antioquia, a Twitter account of Mendallin-based radio channel, posted pictures from the protest. They wrote in Spanish, "Con performance y actos simbólicos en el parque del Poblado de Medellín, manifestantes protestan por las personas muertas y desaparecidas en el Paro Nacional. #MañanasBLU" [English translation: With performance and symbolic acts in the park of the Poblado de Medellín, protesters protest for the dead and missing people in the National Strike.#MañanasBLU]

An Instagram user wrote in Spanish, '"Respirar...para sacar la voz" #PARONACIONAL Registro Fotográfico #26M' ("Breathe ... to get your voice out" #PARONATIONAL Photo Record # 26M)

In conclusion, a video from an artistic protest performed in Colombia against the government's tax hike proposal has been falsely linked to Afghanistan and is shared with a false claim that the Taliban is suffocating Christians to death by wrapping them in transparent bags.

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