Fact Check: Women Beat Up BJP MLA In Amroha, Uttar Pradesh?

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Fact Check: Women Beat Up BJP MLA In Amroha, Uttar Pradesh?

Old images are being shared claiming that BJP MLA from Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, was beaten up by women with slippers and sticks.

A video is being widely shared on social media claiming that a BJP MLA was beaten up by women in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh. There are two pictures in the post. In the first picture, a man can be seen surrounded by women and a policeman on the road. In the second picture, the same person is seen in torn clothes (kurta). Social media users shared the image with a caption that reads in English as, "In Uttar Pradesh, there is news of beating of Amroha's BJP MLA by women with slippers and sticks".

The post is widely shared on Facebook.

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The Logical Indian fact check team has found that the viral post is misleading. The person in the picture is not an MLA but Madan Verma, a local BJP leader from Amroha. The pictures are from 2018, when some women in Amroha thrashed Madan Verma.


BJP MLA was beaten up by women in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh.

Fact Check:

On searching these pictures on the internet, we found an article by a digital portal, "The Voice Hindi News", in which these pictures were used. The news article published on June 5, 2018, says that in the presence of two ministers of the Yogi cabinet in Amroha, local BỊP leader Madan Verma was thrashed by women with slippers and shoes. According to the news, the women had reached the collector's office to complain about the rigging of the distribution of food grains by ration dealers. But Madan Verma started taking the side of the ration dealers. Reacting to this, the women got angry, and they beat up Madan Verma in which his clothes got torn.

The women said they do not get food and kerosene oil because ration dealers are black marketing it. Regarding this, the women had also accused Madan Verma of brokering. Other media houses had also published news reports on this matter as well.

However, we could not find any news in which Madan Verma has been described as a BJP MLA. In the news, Madan Verma has been said to be a local BJP leader. During our search, we also found the Facebook and Twitter profiles of Madan Verma. Here Madan Verma has written that he is the chairman of the cooperative society of Palola village of Amroha and the Mandal president of BJP Didoli. Mehboob Ali of Samajwadi Party is the current MLA of Amroha.


After going through several news articles published on this issue and the Facebook profile of Madan Verma, it is confirmed that the matter being mentioned in the post is more than three years old. Also, the person thrashed is a local BJP leader and not an MLA. Hence, the claim being shared with the image is false.

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