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Bihar's Well-Known Tourist Hotspot Valmiki Nagar To Boost Eco-Tourism.

Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, has stated that eco-tourism will be promoted at Valmiki Nagar. It is a well-known tourist destination which is located on the India-Nepal border.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, on Wednesday, September 1, said that it has enormous tourism potential and that the federal government is working tirelessly to promote eco-tourism.

The state government's Department of Environment Forests and Climate Change gave a video conference presentation to the CM on the state's proposal eco-tourism policy.

During the presentation, Nitish Kumar said to the officials present, "The Bihar government has already taken various steps to protect the environment. We must ensure that nature is not affected in any manner while finalising the eco-tourism policy. "

According to him, the eco-tourism policy will raise public awareness about the need of conserving the environment and wildlife, as well as improving environmental conservation. CM Nitish Kumar said, "eco-tourism will be promoted in Valmiki Nagar in West Champaran district".

Valmiki Nagar: A Popular Tourist Attraction.

Bihar tourism has stepped up its game in this area as locations become more environmentally conscious and move toward ecotourism. Valmiki Nagar is a well-known tourist destination which is located on the India-Nepal border.

It is the only national park in Bihar, and as such, it holds a prestigious standing in the state. Surrounded by mountains on one side and the River Gandak on the other, the national park provides a stunning location for promoting ecotourism in the state. Valmiki Tiger Reserve lies in the north-westernmost West Champaran district of Bihar and it is the only Tiger Reserve of Bihar, there are currently 35 tigers and Over 250 species of birds have been reported.

It is said that the author of the Ramayan, Maharshi Valmiki spent several years at a national park and tiger reserve area. Once the ecotourism development is completed, Bihar Tourism would make every effort to improve this number and surpass one lakh visitor footfall.

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